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Oxford Street Profile - Part One
Photographs by Philip Quirk

Oxford Street Profile is an architectural and cultural record of one of Sydney’s most historic streetscapes. Part One of the series beginning at Queen Street in Woollahra and finishing at Glenmore Road in Paddington, shows Oxford Street connected by an almost unbroken facade that has been shot from street level.

Residents, shoppers and visitors are interspersed along the streetscape, passing by shop window displays and advertising signs. Above, the mainly Victorian-styled buildings have created one of the most recognisable streets of Sydney.

Philip Quirk is a documentary photographer whose reputation was developed in the 70’s. In the early 80’s Philip worked on the book project A Day in the Life of Australia that influenced his future directions.

In 1985 he founded Wildlight Photo Agency whose charter included providing images of Australia and the South Pacific to the world’s media. Philip has had many solo exhibitions - And the Rains Came was his first colour exhibition, which travelled extensively through New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

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Philip has authored four books and has project-managed five editions of the Australian Places & Faces Diary of documentary/photojournalism images. He is represented in major Australian public
collections including the Australian National Gallery and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

In this project, Philip returns to a street close to his home to photograph the environment in a way unseen since the Sydney streetscape drawings of Joseph Fowles in 1848. Nineteenth century photographers Charles Bayliss, Henry King, John Paine, and Charles Kerry also made important and lasting images documenting Sydney through its early development and changing environment. By photographing Oxford Street in its entirety, Philip Quirk is recording Sydney in the 21st century.

Oxford Street Profile is a six-part project documenting the eastern and western sides of the street, starting at Queen Street in Woollahra and finishing at Hyde Park in the city. The work is shot using a Linhof Technica 4x5 inch field camera and Kodak Tri-X Black and White film.

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