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11 Charles Bayliss Australian 1850-1897
On The Nepean [NSW], c1880s. Albumen paper photograph, titled in pencil verso, 22 x 27.8cm. Slight discolouration, tears and creases to upper and lower edges, minor silvering. Period frame.

12 [Prince Of Wales Victorian Volunteer Light Horse Regiment] 1884
Composite albumen paper photograph of 29 military portraits, inscribed and dated in ink on backing below image, 37.5 x 29.1cm. Slight foxing overall, minor silvering to image lower right, laid down on original backing.
Inscription reads "Presented to Surgeon Beaney with kind regards, Caleb Anderson. Major Com'dg Reg't P. of WVVL. Melbourne 29th February 1884." The Victorian Volunteer Light Horse Regiment was disbanded in 1884. Ref: Trove.

13 George Barker Canadian/American 1844-1894
Horseshoe Falls [Canadian Side Of Niagara Falls], c1885. Albumen paper photograph, 49.7 x 41.1cm. Retouching and repaired tears to image edges and upper and lower centre, crazing, minor silver ing. Laid down on acid-free backing.
Similar image held in Library of Congress. See also items #17-18.

14 Charles Bayliss Australian 1850-1897
On Culpaulin Station, Darling River [NSW], 1886. Albumen paper photograph, captioned "Plains between Wilcannia and Menindie [sic]" in pencil verso, photographer's blind stamp on image lower left, 18.6 x 29.4cm. Slight creases and minor foxing to upper portion of image. Framed.
From an album entitled, Views of scenery on the Darling and Lower Murray during the flood of 1886, taken for the NSW Royal Commission: Conservation of Water, 1886. Held in AGNSW with the comment "This is one of a series of photographs taken by Charles Bayliss in 1886... Bayliss joined the [government] expedition on its three week trip down the Darling River on the paddle steamer 'Florence Annie'."

15 Eadweard Muybridge British 1830-1904
Animal Locomotion, Plate 675 [Running Pig], 1887. Collotype with letterpress, title, date and photographer in text below image, 21.4 x 34.9cm. Slight foxing to margins, old mount burn.
Held in Wellcome Library, London, with the comment "One of 781 collotypes which form Eadweard Muybridge's magnum opus, Animal Locomotion, 1887. This work originated in an attempt to settle the argument which arose in 1871 between Leland Stanford, President of the Central Pacific Railroad, and Robert Bonner, owner of the New York Ledger, as to whether a trotting horse ever had all four feet off the ground at once...Muybridge's solution was to photograph each stage in the trot of a horse [proving the theory]..." The series Animal Locomotion was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania from 1884 to 1885.

16 [Panorama Of Port Jackson, Sydney, NSW] c1888
Six-panel albumen paper photograph panorama, 21.8 x 151.2cm. Slight discolouration and tear to left portion, slight foxing and stains to right portion, minor silvering and crinkles overall.
Taken from "Clifton" House, Kirribilli Point. Shows views of Miller's Point, The Rocks, Circular Quay, Bennelong Point, Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquarie's Chair, Fort Denison, Farm Cove and Garden Island. "Clifton" House, located on the corner of Pitt and Peel Streets, at Kirribilli Point on Sydney's north shore, was a stone-built villa originally erected in the mid-1840s. Although not absolute waterfront, the site would have enjoyed extensive views of the harbour. The property was purchased in 1852 by Sydney wine merchant William Tucker (1814-1888). Tucker was the first mayor of East St Leonards and one of the first directors of the City Bank in Sydney. He was also involved in the formation of the North Shore Steam Ferry Company. After William died in 1888 "Clifton" was passed to his son, Walter Clifton Churchill Tucker. The house was demolished in 1965-66. Ref: Caroline Simpson Research Library, Sydney Living Museum; North Sydney Council.

17 George Barker Canadian/American 1844-1894
Niagara Falls [Cave Of The Winds], c1888. Albumen paper photograph, 49.8 x 41.2cm. Minor stain to image upper right, minor foxing to centre of image, slight crazing. Laid down on acid-free backing.
Held in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, with the comment "...George Barker moved to Niagara Falls, New York, in the early 1860s and eventually earned fame for mammoth-plate photographs that viscerally conveyed the scale and sublime nature of the falls. Adding a bit of his own artistry to nature's handiwork, Barker frequently printed dramatic clouds from a second negative." Also held in National Gallery of Canada.

18 George Barker Canadian/American 1844-1894
Niagara Falls, American Side, c1890. Albumen paper photograph, 49.7 x 41.3cm. Retouching and repaired tears to image centre and edges, minor paper remnants to image lower left. Laid down on acid-free backing.
Held in National Gallery of Canada.

19 [Pages From A Toy Catalogue] c1890s
Seven hand-coloured and varnished albumen pa per photographs, laid down on two sheets, annotated "no. 3" and "no. 8" in watercolour upper right, 38.8 x 18.8cm to 28.2 x 37.6cm. Slight paper remnants to one sheet, creases and soiling overall, laid down on original backing.
Toys illustrated include dolls, puppets, instruments, woven baskets and soldiers mounted on horses.
The pair $3,300

20 Queensland. No. 1 Tunnel [Dularcha Railway Tunnel] c1890s
Printout paper photograph, partially obscured title in pencil with two "Exclusive News Agency" stamps verso, 26 x 21.5cm. Minor tears, creases and silvering to edges of image, laid down on original backing.
Title includes "On the picturesque [?]." Stamps read "Copyright ENA. When used please return photo at once to the Exclusive News Agency Art Dept, Roehampton [UK]." Heritage-listed in 1999, the Dularcha Railway Tunnel is 1.5km south of the Mooloolah township, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Ref: Wiki.

21 Richard Parkinson Danish 1844-1909
Market Day In Ralum [Papua New Guinea, Showing Parkinson With Locals], c1890s. Albumen paper photograph, titled with photographer's name in unknown hand in pencil verso, 11 x 15.3cm. Slight tears and creases to ragged edges.
"The illegitimate son of the Duke of Augustenberg, second in line to the Danish crown, Richard Parkinson was an anthro pologist, ethnologist and botanist, and one of the most prominent pioneers on the Bismarck Archipelago both before and during the period it was part of German New Guinea. Arriving in 1882, Parkinson surveyed, planted and managed New Guinea's first coconut plantations at Ralum (New Britain) for his famous American-Samoan sister-in-law 'Queen Emma' Coe Forsayth." Ref: Max Uechtritz (great grandson of Richard Parkinson).

22 Esaki Reiji Japanese 1845-1910
Collage Of Babies: One Thousand And Seven Hundred Children That In Three Years Came To My Shop,c1893. Composite albumen paper photograph, 26.3 x 18.6cm. Creases overall, slight discolouration to edges of image, minor tears to lower edge.
Comes with postcard of the same image, published by M. Sternberg, Hongkong [sic], titled "A lot of Chinese babies." Held in SFMOMA with uncropped left edge. A student of Renjo Shimooka in 1871, Reiji opened a photography studio in Tokyo the same year, and moved to Asakusa the following year to become one of Tokyo's top portrait studios during the late 19th century. He was the first Japanese photographer to use dry plate negatives which he imported in 1883. His well-known images include a torpedo explosion in the Sumida River in 1883, fireworks in 1889, and the photo collage of 1,700 babies (illustrated in this list) created in 1893. He was also a politician and served on the Tokyo City Council. Ref: Philbert Ono (PhotoGuide Japan).

23 Charles Kerry Australian 1857-1928
[Taxidermy Displays Of Native Australian Animals], c1894-1895. Three albumen paper photographs, 15.2 x 20.9cm (each). Slight foxing overall, minor silvering to lower edges, one image laid down on acid-free backing.

Images show tableaux of dingoes, emu, kookaburras and kingfisher birds. The dingo and emu photographs are held in NLA.
The group $2,650

24 Government Printer Australian est. 1842
Arrival And Departure Of Teams, Moree Railway Yard [NSW], c1898. Albumen paper photograph, titled in negative lower left, 25.9 x 35cm. Repaired tears to image upper centre, left and right edges,
minor tear to lower edge, creases.
Held in SLNSW.

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