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21 Harold Byrne Australian 1899-1966
Wet Evening [State Library, NSW], c1930s. Water colour with pencil and white highlight, signed and titled in pencil lower left to right, 22.6 x 30cm. Minor paper remnants and stains to upper edge of image.
The statue of Matthew Flinders, seen on the right, was moved to the Macquarie Street side of the library in the 1990s. Printmaker, illustrator and teacher, Harold Byrne had an exhibition of his work at the Industrial Arts Society's Gallery in Sydney in 1937. His art is represented in Australian collections including the National Gallery of Australia and the Baillieu Library (University of Melbourne). Ref: NLA.

22 Harold Byrne Australian 1899-1966
Winter, Franklin Square (Hobart), c1932. Pencil drawing, titled and signed in pencil below image, 20.5 x 17.9cm. Pinholes, soiling and foxing to margins, slight stains to upper and lower portions of image.
This drawing was most likely a study for an etching for the 1932 publication Hobart: Eight etchings in facsimile by Charles Robinson and Harold Byrne. Ref: NLA.

23 Drago Cherina Croatian/Australian b.1949
[Kerry Packer], c1975. Bronze bust, signature incised verso, 32.5 x 25.1 x 15.6cm.
Provenance: Artist's agent. This work was most likely commissioned around 1975, when Cherina was in Australia, creating a bust of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

24 John Colbourn Australian 1910-1945
Boatman, c1940s. Colour linocut, titled, editioned 5/75 and signed in pencil in lower margin, 17.1 x 14.8cm. Slight foxing overall.
Born in Ballarat, Colbourn studied at Melbourne University where he gained his Bachelor of Archi tecture. In 1942 he exhibited 33 linocuts in a joint exhibition with Klytie Pate at Kosminsky Galleries in Melbourne. His linocuts were described as "accomplished and well-drawn" in an article reviewing an exhibition at the Margaret Maclean Gallery, Collins Street, Melbourne. He was also a keen photographer. Ref: Roger Butler, Melbourne Woodcuts & Linocuts, 1981; The Argus, 3 Dec. 1936.

25 George Collingridge British/Australian 1847-1931
Cumberland Street, Sydney [The Rocks], 1880. Oil on board, signed lower right, titled, dated and signed in ink verso, 24 x 15.5cm. Framed.
European-trained George Alphonse Collingridge de Tourcey was a prominent wood engraver, painter, teacher and historian. Along with his brother, Arthur, he co-founded the Royal Art Society of NSW in 1880, and the short-lived Australian Art, the country's first journal devoted to art, in 1888. Ref: ADB.

26 Albert Collins Australian 1883-1951
[View Through The Trees], 1944. Watercolour, signed and dated lower right, 29 x 21.4cm.

27 Charles Conder Australian 1868-1909
[Salamander And The Gates of Hell], c1900. Crayon and pencil drawing, 20 x 25cm (paper). Minor soiling, old mount burn, laid down on old backing.
There are many legends connecting the salamander to fire, possibly due to the tendency of salamanders to live inside rotting logs. When placed into a fire, the salamander would attempt to escape from the log, contributing to the belief that they were created from flames. Ref: Wiki.

28 Charles Conder Australian 1868-1909
[Marianne, Pierrot And Moor], c1900. Crayon drawing, 21 x 26.1cm (paper). Slight soiling including fingerprint lower right, repaired minor tear upper left, laid down on old backing.
A possible study for com media dell'arte, a theatrical art form based on traditional characters wearing masks in improvised comic scenarios. It began in Italy in the 16th century with street performers, who eventually teamed up with actors. Ref: Wiki.

29 Noel Counihan Australian 1913-1986
["Oust Menzies" Campaign], c1953. Ink and wash with coloured pencil, signed in image lower left, and publishing annotation "Guardian, 35cms" in unknown hand in pencil in lower margin, 25.3 x 26cm. Repaired minor tears and stains to margins.
Captions include "'Out Menzies' committee, join here" and "See! Happy, laughing faces, gay and confident, and my name everywhere!! Menzies." Ref: ANU.

30 Noel Counihan Australian 1913-1986
Albert Namatjira, 1959. Linocut, signed and dated in pencil in lower margin, 51.1 x 23.2cm.
When artist Albert Namatjira died in 1959 of heart failure, Counihan created this linocut, showing the artist crucified. Later Counihan stated "He was a man between two cultures, and I respected him
very much. I felt that something should be done about his tragic end, so I did a sort of a crucifixion figure, with Namatjira crucified." This image was published in The Guardian in 1959 to illustrate an article by Counihan in which he challenged the treatment of Aboriginal Australians. Ref: Rockhampton Art Gallery.

31 Sybil Craig Australian 1901-1989
[Houses Along Port Phillip Bay], 1940. Water colour, charcoal and pencil with accompanying pencil study which includes marginalia lower left, the painting is signed and dated in pencil lower left and annotated in ink verso, 33.8 x 42cm (paper) and 33.9 x 42.2cm. Each with minor stains and foxing, study with minor perforation upper left.
The annotation, which reads "30 Hollywood [sic] St, Hampton", is most likely refer encing Holyrood Street in Hampton, Victoria, situated on Port Phillip Bay.
The pair $2,200

32 Ray Crooke Australian 1922-2015
[Pensive Woman], c1970s. Charcoal drawing, signed in pencil lower centre, 23.5 x 18cm. Minor discolouration.

33 Robert Emerson Curtis Australian 1898-1996
[Sydney Royal Easter Show], 1930. Pair of pencil drawings, each initialled, captioned and dated lower right, 16.5 x 25.9cm and 24.8 x 18.9cm. Trimmed margins.
Captions read "On the Sydney Show Ground, Easter" and "Looking towards the grand stand, Sydney Show Ground."
The pair $1,850

34 Robert Emerson Curtis Australian 1898-1996
Rough Sketch Showing Proposed Mural For Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, c1930s. Water colour with pencil and gouache, annotated "scale 1 [inch] = 1 foot", titled and signed in pencil lower left to right, 31 x 36cm. Slight creases, minor foxing overall.

35 Robert Emerson Curtis Australian 1898-1996
[Central Station, Sydney], 1933. Pair of pencil drawings, one with ink, each captioned, dated and initialled in pencil lower right, 23.2 x 20.3cm and 25.9 x 20.3cm (paper). Minor creases.
Captions read "Central Railway Station" and "Central Station Tower, Sydney."
The pair $1,650

36 Robert Emerson Curtis Australian 1898-1996
Mural Design For Atlantic Oil, Sydney, 1937-1939. Consisting of two pencil drawings on tracing paper and one oil on paper, each pencil drawing initialled, dated and titled below image, oil painting dated and signed in pencil verso, sizes range from 13.1 x 16.6cm to 18.8 x 18.7cm. Minor foxing.

The Atlantic Union Oil Company came to Australia in 1927 and opened two terminals - one at Balmain (NSW) and one at Spotswood (Victoria). Atlantic Union's first product, "Union Motor Spirit" was endorsed by pioneer Australian aviator Charles Kingsford-Smith who used their products on all his famous flights. Kingsford-Smith helped to rapidly elevate the company from an unknown to a strong player in the highly competitive petroleum market. In 1933, the Atlantic Union Oil Company was taken over by Standard Oil (New Jersey), later to become Exxon. Ref: Exxon/Mobil.
The group $2,950

37 Robert Emerson Curtis Australian 1898-1996
[Wharfies Loading Supplies Onto A Ship], c1940s. Pencil drawing, signed lower left, 35 x 24.8cm. Slight foxing overall.

38 Robert Emerson Curtis Australian 1898-1996
Miner, Broken Hill, 1952. Pencil drawing, signed, titled and dated lower left, 34 x 28cm. Slight foxing.
This drawing was most likely a study for the illustrations in the book by Curtis, Broken Hill, Australia, a folio of drawings, which was published in 1952.

39 Robert Emerson Curtis Australian 1898-1996
Construction Work er Resting, Sydney Opera House], 1966-1967. Pencil drawing, dated lower right, 27.5 x 36.4cm. Minor creases, tears to right edge and stains to lower portion.
Provenance: artist's estate. The Sydney Opera House Trust commissioned Robert Emerson Curtis to illustrate, stage by stage, the erection of the Sydney Opera House. Some of his images are illustrated in his 1967 book, A Vision Takes Form: A graphic record of the building of the Sydney Opera House during Stages 1 and 2.

40 Robert Emerson Curtis Australian 1898-1996
[University Of NSW Sketches], 1979. Three crayon drawings, two signed, one initialled, each dated and captioned in pencil or crayon lower right or verso, sizes range from 27.8 x 23.7cm to 34 x 48.1cm. Minor foxing, old folds and minor tears to lower edge of one image, one with paint discolouration to lower portion, slight creases overall.

Captions read (1) Sketch for the library building and garden park fountain, UNSW; (2) Second sketch for library and garden forecourt, Uni. NSW; and (3) The Clancy Building and Hall, Uni. of NSW.
The group $1,850

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