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161 Paul Worstead Australian b.1950
Mental As Anything. Bexley North Hotel, 1980. Colour screenprint, studio line "Ashtray" and initialled "A.S." in image upper and lower right, 76.1 x 50.8cm. Repaired tears to image lower left. Linen-backed.
Text continues "In the Teddy Bear Room. Mon., 31st March." Held in NGA.

162 Thomas Keneally "Bullie's House."
Nimrod [Theatre, Sydney]
Colour process lithograph, 73.9 x 50.4cm. Repaired minor surface loss and tears to left edge. Linen-backed.
Bullie's House is a play written by Booker prize winning Australian author Thomas Keneally (b.1935). The play explores "the true story of Australian Aboriginals who expose their precious ranga, totems
which hold the secrets of the world, to the eyes of white Australians in the belief that the white world will exchange its own wisdom and technology in return." It was performed in the Nimrod Theatre, Surry Hills, in 1980. Ref: AusStage.

163 Allniters. Isk Oylriters! c1980s
Colour screenprint, mono grammed "K.H." in image lower left, 76.2 x 50.5cm. Linen-backed.
The Allniters were an Australian ska-pop band based in Sydney during 1980 to 1987. Ref: Wiki.

164 Boogie Wonderland c1980s
Colour screenprint, 53.4 x 48.2cm. Repaired tears and old folds, slight crazing and surface loss to lower right corner, uneven trimmed edges. Linen-backed.
Boogie Wonderland is an Earth, Wind & Fire song released in 1979.

165 Marie McMahon Australian b.1953
National Aborigines Day Celebration Week, 1981. Colour screenprint, 83.7 x 59.4cm. Slight soiling and missing portions to margins, repaired tears and creases. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Darwin 1981, 5th-12th July. Landrights, health, meaningful education. Tiwi Designs, Bathurst [Island, NT] 15L." Held in NGA.

166 The Police...
...Welcome To The "Zenyatta Mondatta" Australis, 1981. Colour screenprint, 101.5 x 76.2cm. Repaired minor tears, slight soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Frontier Tours present...February '81." Zenyatta Mondatta (invented words) was The Police's third studio album, released in 1980. Ref: Wiki.

167 Share The Burden. Walk Against Want c1982
Colour screenprint, annotated in ink with "Community Aid Abroad" stamp on image lower right, 60.8 x 46cm. Minor stains and rubbing to image centre, repaired pinholes and creases to edges. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Sunday, April 18th. 9am, Australia Square [Sydney]. Sponsor cards from all Coles stores or phone 264-2244. Community Aid Abroad." Annotation reads "And from: Bernie Omodei, Room G26A, Madsen Bldg., or SRC Office [University of Sydney]." Community Aid Abroad is the former name of Oxfam Australia. Ref: Wiki.

168 [Chairman Mao And Officials With Children] 1983
Colour process lithograph, text in Chinese with date in lower margin, 106.1 x 76.2cm. Repaired lower corners, repainted margins, glue stains and old folds. Linen-backed.

169 Toni Robertston Australian b.1953
"Peace On Where?" [President Ronald Reagan], 1983. Colour screenprint, "Déjà Vu" studio line and dated "Xmas '83" in image centre left, 77 x 50.7cm. Crazing overall and surface loss, repaired minor tears to edges. Linen-backed.
Held in NGA. Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), who served as the 40th U.S. president from 1981 to 1989, took an "aggressive, hard-line stance" towards the Soviet Union and its military might in 1983. During his Christmas speech that year he made strong reference to "peace on Earth." Reagan eventually was able to negotiate a nuclear arms reduction agreement with them and is credited with facilitating the end of the Cold War. Ref: Wiki.

170 Toni Robertston Australian b.1953
Greenham Common, Berkshire, UK [Nuclear Protest], 1985. Colour screenprint, "Déjà Vu" studio line in image centre left, 86 x 59cm. Crazing and surface loss, repaired tears to upper right corner. Linen-backed.
Text reads "The first women's peace camp was set up in September 1981 at Greenham Common, Berkshire, where NATO has since sited US Cruise missiles. The camp has been a catalyst in the growth of opposition, both in the UK and abroad, to the escalation of nuclear arms." Held in NGA.

171 Huxton Creepers, The Murderess.
Make A Killing Tour
Colour process lithograph, 51.5 x 40.5cm. Trimmed lower panel, minor soiling, sur face loss and stains. Linen-backed.
The Huxton Creepers was a rock band formed in Melbourne in 1984. The Murderess single was released as a 7" record in 1985. Ref: Wiki.

172 The Rockmelons 1985
Colour screenprint, 76.8 x 50.8cm. Linen-backed.
Text continues "New single Time Out (For Serious Fun) on Phantom thru Festival." Held in Powerhouse Museum.

173 Paul Worstead Australian b.1950
"Speak With Frankness." Stephen Cummings. New Single, 1986. Colour screenprint, studio line "Ashtray" in image lower right, 75.8 x 51.1cm. Surface loss, repaired tears, slight soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "2nd anniversary flight." Held in NGA.

174 The Cockroaches [The Wiggles] c1986
Process screenprint, 64 x 50.7cm. Trimmed lower edge, slight surface loss and minor soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Fan club: 1/22 Royston St, Kings Cross 2011." The Cockroaches were a 1980s pub rock band from Sydney, whose members went on to form the children's music super group The Wiggles in 1992. Ref: SMH, June 3, 2014.

175 Colin Russell Australian, b.1958
Think Globally, Act Locally. Nuclear Free Zones, 1986. Colour screenprint, signed "Colin" and "Another Planet" studio line in lower margin, 101.2 x 76.8cm. Repaired upper right corner, slight
creases and tears. Linen-backed.
Text includes "A modern woman, she takes her work seriously… she's nuclear free!Local nuclear free zone, Non-proliferation treaty, Rarotonga treaty, Unilateral disarmament. Australian Nuclear Free Zones Secretariat c/- the Town Hall, Melbourne. ph (03) 658 9800, Sydney ph (02) 265 9162." Held in SLV. Australian actor Robyn Nevin appears in the poster.

176 Battle Of The Surf Bands [Mambo] 1987
Colour process lithograph, signed "Richard Allan" in image centre left, 66 x 47.2cm. Crazing. Linen-backed.
Text continues "3pm, Sun., 20 Dec., Bondi Pav[illion], $7. 100% Mambo. Presented by 2JJJ." Held in Powerhouse Museum. Mambo Graphics, an Australian company which designed surf and street clothing, was launched in 1984 by musician Dare Jennings and business partner, Andrew Rich in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria. The Australian and international artists who created the graphics included Richard Allan, Bruce Goold, Reg Mombassa (original member of Australian rock band Mental As Anything), Robert Moore, Paul McNeil, Marcelle Lunam, Matthew Martin, Gerry Wedd, Robert Williams (US), Trevor Jackson (UK), Stephen Bliss (UK), and Rockin' Jelly Bean (Japan). Ref: Wiki.

177 Glebe Street Fair c1987
Colour screen print, initialled "M." in image lower left, 69.3 x 46.1cm. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Sunday, 15 Nov. 11am-5pm, Glebe Point Road. Studio de Splatto."

178 Sydney Cove Farewell Month 1989
Screenprint, 101.6 x 38cm. Old tape marks, missing portions, cracks and soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Fri. 21 Apr., The Allniters and The Bastiaans. Sat. 22, Spy v. Spy and Neil Murray." Sydney Cove Tavern was a rock venue that operated from 1975 to 1989 in the AMP Centre, Circular Quay. Ref: City of Sydney, Rock'n'Roll Walk of Fame'n'Shame: City to Pyrmont, 2010.

179 Sydney Cove Final Shows 1989
Colour screen print, 101.8 x 37.9cm. Old tape marks, missing portions, cracks, soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Wed. 26 Apr., Brass Razoo, 6.30-11.30 free party. Fri. 28, Lime Spiders on stage 10.30. RIP 1975-1989." Sydney Cove Tavern was a rock venue that operated from 1975 to 1989 in the AMP Centre, Circular Quay. Ref: City of Sydney, Rock'n'Roll Walk of Fame'n'Shame: City to Pyrmont, 2010, p2.

180 Reg Mombassa Australian b.1951
Mambo Biology. Human Reproduction, 1995. Colour process lithograph, dated and signed in image lower right, 98.5 x 69.4cm. Minor repaired tears and surface loss to margins. Linen-backed.
Poster contains a lengthy instructive description of "sexual congress" using Tasmania as a metaphor for female anatomy. Held in Powerhouse Museum. See also item #176, p9.

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