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61 When In Launceston Visit The Museum...
...[Queen Victoria Museum And Art Gallery], c1937. Colour lithograph, 94.2 x 61.1cm. Repaired missing portions to upper left and lower right, slight creases, discolouration. Linen-backed.
Text continues "See the early Tasmanian relics (Beattie collection) and Chinese Joss House. Wholly designed and produced at the Examiner Office, Paterson Street, Launceston." Held in NGA. A Chinese Joss House is a temple or shrine, and was used by Chinese communities working on the goldfields. Ref: QVMAG.

62 Any Time Is Holiday Time In Adelaide 1938
Colour lithograph, signed "Love Wardrop" in image lower right, 101.4 x 62.8cm. Minor surface loss, repaired tears, foxing. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Full information from SA Govt Tourist Bureau, Box 664G, GPO, Adelaide. C. Wall, Govt Photolithographer, Adelaide." Held in SLSA.

63 Keith Henderson Scottish 1883-1982
The Empire's Strength. Do You Know That Australia Is The World's Greatest Exporter Of Wool, 1939. Colour lithograph, signed in image centre right, 101.1 x 63.5cm. Repaired tears, pinholes, surface loss, soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "and also supplies wheat, meat, dairy products, fruit and valuable metals: that aircraft and munitions are now being mass-produced in Australia. These are the sinews of war. Printed for H.M. Stationery Office by Lowe & Brydone Printers Ltd, London, N.W.10." Held in Imperial War Museum, London.

64 "Green Hell" c1940
Colour lithograph with title and "Douglas Fairbanks Jr" overpainted in gouache, 153 x 101.5cm. Repaired pinholes, tears, old folds and missing portions, minor soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Primitive emotions, loosed by the spell of jungle nights! Universal presents Green Hell. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. For general exhibition." Given the amateur quality of printing and over-painting this poster was most likely produced for a local film theatre in Australia.

65 Raymond Savignac French 1908-2002
Armangac Ryst [Cognac], 1940. Colour lithograph, signed in image upper left, 55.6 x 40.5cm. Minor foxing. Framed.
Text continues "Condom, Gers." Held in NGA. Condom, also referred to as Condom-en-Armagnac, is a town in southwestern France. Ref: Wiki.

66 Willy Jordan Swiss 1902-1971
Fribourg, Switzerland, c1940. Colour lithograph with letterpress, signed in image lower right, 100 x 65.3cm. Repaired minor tears, creases and surface loss to edges and corners. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Suisse. Schweiz. Printed in Switzerland. Edite par societe de developpement Fribourg. Lith. Klausfelder SA Vevey." Held in Swiss National Library.

67 "Keep It Under Your Hat!" c1940-1945
Colour lithograph, 38.2 x 25.3cm. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Thoughtless talk takes toll of troops. Printed by AHQ Cartographic Company, Melbourne." Held in Imperial War Museum, UK.

68 Freedom Shall Prevail! ["V" For Victory] c1941
Colour process lithograph, 50.4 x 76.1cm. Repaired minor tears and surface loss to upper left corner, old folds. Linen-backed.
ext continues "Reading right to left. First row: Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Second row: Southern Rhodesia, Newfoundland, South Africa. Third row: India. Fourth row: The Colonial Empire. Reading left to right. First row: USA, China, USSR, Yugoslavia. Second row: Holland, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia. Third row: Greece, Norway, Belgium. Printed in England by Fosh & Cross Ltd., London (519953)." The National Archives (UK) has the original gouaches for this poster by William Little, created circa 1941.

69 Great East Asia War Exposition
[Second Sino-Japanese War]
Colour lithograph, 107.5 x 78.3cm. Repaired minor creases to edges, old folds. Linen-backed.
Text translated from Chinese includes "November 1st to 30th, 1942." This very rare propaganda poster was published by the Japanese during their occupation of the northern regions of China during the Second Sino-Japanese War (19371945). The flags depicted represent Japan's allies and those of occupied territories.

70 Help The ANZACs! 1942
Colour linocut and letterpress, dated "Apr. 22 '42" in pencil, stamped "Dave Weisman" and annotated by various hands in pencil and ink verso, 40.7 x 30.5cm. Minor stains, dents, creases, laid down on original board.
Text includes "The entire proceeds from the sale of these badges will be used to provide medical supplies and recreation for the Australian and New Zealand Fighting Forces on active service. ANZAC War Relief Fund, 405 Lexington Ave, NYC. State Dept, US Reg. No. 325." Annotations include Chrysler Bldg. 1 & 44th St, NYC. Advertising Dept. Do not remove from the room under any circumstances." Uncommon Australian promotional poster, published by the Australian Consulate located in the Chrysler Building, NY.

71 Our Own Prime Minister Asks You...
...Buy 4th Liberty Loan Bonds 1943. Colour process lithograph, 76.3 x 48.7cm. Minor retouching to left margin, repaired old folds. Linen-backed.
Text continues "'The tide of war is turning. We are driving towards victory. Now is the time, with every shilling you can lend, to back the attack! So invest all you can in the Fourth Liberty Loan.' John
Curtin, 4L30." Held in AWM.

72 Owen Brothers Australian fl. 1940s
Dig For Victory. Grow Your Own Vegetables [WWII], c1943-1945. Colour process lithograph, "Owen Brothers" logo in image lower left, 101.3 x 63.7cm. Repaired tears and creases, surface loss, soiling. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Sow now: April. Broad beans, cabbage, onion, spinach. Plant now: brussel sprouts, celery, garlic, leeks. Note: dig over and lime all vacant beds for winter and spring planting. For fuller planting list...see booklet!Write to the Dept of Agriculture, Melbourne C2, for a free copy of the booklet 'Wartime growing of vegetables at home.' H.E. Daw, Government Printer, Melbourne." Graphic artists and amateur filmmakers Will and Harrie Owen, whose commercial studio was located in Melbourne, often took government and private projects to finance animation productions at their Box Hill studio in Victoria. During WWII the Owen brothers produced work on behalf of the government to encourage public support for various campaigns, such as food shortages. Ref: National Film & Sound Archive; NLA.

73 Look Before You Touch.
Beware The Booby Trap!
Colour process lithograph, signed "Rooke S.M.E." in image upper right, 75.8 x 50.8cm. Repaired tears, creases, minor missing portions, old folds, slight discolouration. Linen-backed.
Text includes "It may be the latch, or under a floor board. Opening that window may set it off. Mind the door, it's a trap." The War Office, 1944. [Printed] for HM Stationery Office by Alf Cooke Ltd., Leeds and London. 51-384. G.S. Poster No. 20." An uncommon montaged image inspired by Surrealism.

74 Hold Your Tongue 1945
Process lithograph with letterpress, 31.8 x 21.6cm. Linen-backed.
Text continues "For official use only." Held in Imperial War Museum, UK.

75 "Captain Kidd" c1945
Colour lithograph, 199 x 101.5cm. Major missing portions to right edge and corners, repaired tears, creases and surface loss, slight foxing. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Benedict Bogeaus presents 'Captain Kidd.' Starring Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott, Barbara Britton and Reginald Owen. Directed by Rowland V. Lee, original story by Robert N. Lee. Screenplay by Norman Reilly Raine. Released thru United Artists, for general exhibition. Victory Publicity Pty Ltd., Melb." In 1695, Scottish-born William Kidd (c1645-1701) was hired by a group of English investors to hunt down pirates. However, it was believed that "when Kidd failed to find pirates on his journey, he became one himself. By 1698, the vessel [Adventure Galley] was unseaworthy and Kidd ran it ashore in Madagascar. His crew deserted him to join another pirate captain and Kidd was arrested, tried, and executed for piracy in 1701." Ref: Smithsonian. Rare early Australian billboard poster.

76 Salome, Where She Danced c1945
Colour lithograph, 101.7 x 68.1cm. Repaired pinholes, tears to edges and old folds, minor soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Walter Wanger presents in technicolor...with Yvonne DeCarlo, Rod Cameron, David Bruce, Walter Sleazak, Albert Dekker, Marjorie Rambeau, J. Edward Bromberg, Abner Bibereman. Not suitable for general exhibition. A Universal picture. Printed by W.E. Smith Ltd. Sydney." Salome, Where She Danced is a 1945 American romance film directed by Charles Lamont. It is loosely based on the story of Lola Montez, the 'Spanish dancer' and courtesan. Ref: Wiki.

77 Air France Vers Des Ciels Nouveaux...
...[Towards New Skies] c1946. Colour and process lithograph, 94.5 x 58.3cm. Repaired tears to edges, trimmed margins. Linen-backed.
Air France, established in 1933, moved its operations to Casablanca during WWII. In 1946 Air France ran a direct service between Paris and New York. Its Douglas DC-4 airliners flew the route in just under 20 hours. By 1948 Air France operated one of the largest fleets in the world, consisting of 130 aircraft. Ref: Wiki.

78 Harold Forster British fl. 1920s-1940s
BOAC Speedbird Routes Across The World, 1946. Colour process lithograph, initialled "F" in image centre left, 75.6 x 50.8cm. Repaired tears, creases. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Britain-Australia by the kangaroo service in association with QEA. British Overseas Airways Corporation in association with Qantas Empire Airways, South African Airways & Tasman Empire Airways. Printed in Gt Britain. 46/356/10M/6/47/LPE." Illustrated in Riding the Skies: Classic
Posters from the Golden Age of Flying, 1989, p74. Harold Forster was an illustrator for 'Black Magic' chocolates and was known for his WWII poster 'Keep mum, she's not so dumb'. Ref: The National Archives, UK.

79 Qantas Presents The Super Constellation 1947
Colour lithograph, 90.7 x 61.2cm. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Australia's overseas airline." Held in SLQ, listed with the comment "This very rare poster was published in 1947. Qantas didn't take delivery of the aircraft until 1954, when it started its new twice-weekly transpacific service to North America."

80 Motorized America c1949
Process lithograph, 94.5 x 65.9cm. Repaired old folds. Linen-backed.
Text includes "There is an automobile to each five persons in America. Every other person over 16 drives a car - either to school, to work, to church, to the doctor's office, or to go shopping - taking freedom to travel for granted. Over half the rural roads are surfaced, giving farm and city people easy access everywhere."

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