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1 Title
1 "Not Dead Yet!"...

...or "The Counterfeit [Gold Rush]" Theatre Royal, Glasgow, 1866. Letterpress theatre playbill, 75.4 x 25.2cm. Trimmed left margin, repaired minor tears and old folds, slight offset. Linen-backed.
This playbill, dated Friday, 8th June, 1866, initially covers two plays, Faust & Marguerite!and Quite a Romance!, before mentioning a play on the Gold Rush in Bendigo, Australia. The play was adapted from the novel Not dead yet by the English author John Cordy Jeaffreson (1831-1901), and was published in 1864. Three scenes in the second act are set on the Bendigo gold diggings in the year 1862. The playbill text includes "In rehearsal, and will shortly be produced, a three act drama by [actor] David Fisher with sensational effects and new scenery, founded on actual occurrences, as narrated in the novel by J.C. Jeffreson [sic], which furnishes portions of the story of this play, called Not dead yet!or The Counterfeit: a tale of the times both in England and Australia. The characters of Jasper Jones and Sidney Phillips (otherwise Sir Sidney Martin), both to be sustained by Mr David Fisher. Gilchrist, Printer, 64 Howard St. S. 5-W7. No. 51." Ref: Wiki. The NLA collection holds a later issue of this playbill.

2 Uncle Tom's Cabin c1890s
Colour lithograph, 71.6 x 52.8cm. Replaced minor missing portions to margins. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Abraham Lincoln. Harriet Beecher Stowe. Uncle Tom: 'No, no, I ain't going. Let Eliza go, it's her right!' Ackermann Quigley Litho Co., Kansas City. No. 2220." Harriet Beecher Stowe's anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin was published in 1852, and "helped lay the groundwork" for the American Civil War according to many scholars. Ref: Wiki. This poster is from a series promoting Stowe's novel.

3 Henry Mayer American 1868-1953
Scribner's, April [First Olympic Poster], 1896. Colour lithograph and letterpress, signed in image lower right, 45.3 x 34.7cm. Minor repaired tears and creases. Linen-backed.
The text in the poster advertising Scribner's magazine reads "The Olympic games and their revival. Stories. Lord Leighton. Cathode photography. Quarrel of the English speaking peoples." Scribner's, one of the few magazines that were covering the first modern Olympics, published this poster. It became the first unofficial poster for the Olympics, as there was not an official poster issued at the time. The poster designer Henry "Hy" Mayer, a German-born American cartoonist, illustrator and animator, also worked with Otto Messmer, the illustrator for Pat Sullivan's animation series Felix the Cat. Ref: Wiki.

4 E. Tootell's Boots And Shoes...
... On The High Wave Of Popularity c1900. Colour lithograph in six sheets, 202 x 225.5cm. Repaired missing portions, old folds, slight foxing. Linen-backed.
Text continues "35 & 37 Errol Street, North Melb. Varley Brothers Print, Melbourne." Unusually large, rare early Australian billboard poster.

5 Melbourne Hospital Bazaar...
...And United Ancient Order Of Druids' 31st Annual Gala And Art Union, 1900. Letterpress with lineblock, poster with ticket, stamped "666" and "M1190" on ticket and poster, ticket also stamped "United Ancient Order of Druids Annual Gala" and "6953" (prize number), 67.7 x 20.6cm (poster), 7.7 x 11.1cm (ticket). Minor stains, repaired creases, surface loss and old folds to poster. Linen-backed with ticket below poster.
Text on poster includes "Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Easter Saturday, April 14, to Saturday, April 28, 1900. Proceeds to the Melbourne Hospital, our national charity. (In which institution 21,687 patients received treatment last year.) Now burdened with a debt of £26,000. Its first general appeal to the public. £2500 in prizes. First prize - Golden Druid valued at £1000, manufactured by and on view at G.H. Armfield, Jeweller, Smith Street, Collingwood (next door to Foy & Gibson's). Tickets 1 shilling. Hon. Secretaries Jas. J. Brenan, Gratton and Drummond Streets, Carlton. T.A. Andrews, Melbourne Hospital. From whom tickets may be obtained. Andrew & Taylor, Printers, North Road, Newport."

6 "Cornina" The Sweet-Heart Of The Maize c1900-1910
Colour lithograph in four sheets, 135 x 146cm. Repaired major tears, creases, missing portions and old folds. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Grown and manufactured in Australia. Trademark. The most delicious of all preparations for blanc-mange puddings, custards &c, consisting entirely of the finest part of the choicest Australian maize. Parsons, Melbourne. S. Handasyde, Lith." Rare early Australian billboard poster.

7 Oscar Binder Austrian/Australian 1873-1936
Convalescent, c1900-1910. Colour lithograph in four sheets, signed in image lower left, 157 x 107.6cm. Repaired missing portions, slight perforations, minor soiling, stains. Linen-backed.
Born in Vienna etcher and art teacher Oscar Binder initially studied art at the Brussels Academy. Before coming to Australia during the late 19th century he had a successful career as a portrait painter in London. Ref: The Argus, 11 Jan., 1936, p24. Rare early Australian billboard poster.

8 Mitchell's Old Irish Whisky c1900-1910
Lithograph printed in green, in two sheets, 148 x 103.5cm. Repainted left margin and image centre, slight foxing, repaired missing portions, old folds. Linen-backed.
Text continues "The public are the best judges of quality and price." Rare early Australian billboard poster.

9 Nobel's Sporting Cartridges c1900-1910
Colour lithograph in two sheets, 94 x 134.5cm. Slight perforations, repaired creases and old folds. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Black & smokeless. Obtainable everywhere. Mason, Firth & McCutcheon Pty Ltd." Known for the invention of dynamite, Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833-1896) was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, and armaments manufacturer. In 1888, a French newspaper mistakenly published an obituary for Alfred Nobel, which called him the "merchant of death." It is believed that this prompted Nobel to reflect on how he would be remembered, and he subsequently made provision for the establishment of the Nobel Peace Prizes. Ref: Wiki.

10 Use A Gas Fire...
...Ensures Comfort, Saves Labor c1900-1910. Colour lithograph in four sheets, 192.5 x 148.5cm. Repaired major missing portions and slight tears, old folds. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Price from 15/- each. Metropolitan Gas Company. Varley Brothers Print. Melb." The Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria, which replaced the Metropolitan Gas Company in 1951, closed in 1995. Ref: Trove. Rare early Australian billboard poster.

11 American "White Rose" Kerosene...
...Perfection Oil Heaters, c1901-1908. Colour lithograph in two sheets, 149 x 101.4cm. Repaired missing portions to image centre and edges, old folds, creases, slight soiling. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Colonial Oil Company, Equitable Building, Collins St., Melb. Sands & McDougall." Ref: Museum Victoria. Rare early Australian billboard poster.

12 A Country Girl c1910s
Colour lithograph, 64.1 x 49.7cm. Repaired minor tear to lower margin. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Stafford & Co. Ltd., Netherfield near Nott'm. Reg. Design No. 3203." A Country Girl, or Town and Country is a musical play in two acts by James T. Tanner, with lyrics by Adrian Ross. The musical ran for 729 performances at Daly's Theatre in London, opening on 18 January 1902. The show also had a successful Broadway run. The play was popular with amateur theatre groups, particularly in Britain, from WWI until about 1960. Ref: Wiki. A circa 1904 copy of the vocal score of this musical is held in NLA.

13 The True Cause [Anti-Free Trade] c1910s
Colour lithograph, signed "A.B. White" in image lower right, 77 x 50.1cm. Replaced upper edge and missing portions, repaired creases, minor soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "'Drink!No, sir. It's free imports that drives me to pawn my tools to keep the missis and kids from starving. What we want is tariff reform.' TRL No. 124B. Printed by Hill, Siffken & Co. (LPA, Ltd.), Grafton Works, London N.; and published by the Tariff Reform League, 7 Victoria Street, London SW. (Copyright)." The Tariff Reform League (TRL) was a British pressure group formed in 1903 to protest against 'unfair' foreign imports and to advocate imperial preference, a system of tariff concessions, to protect British industry from foreign competition. Well-funded, the League, which was disbanded after WWI, included politicians, intellectuals and businessmen. Ref: Wiki.

14 Olle Hjortzberg Swedish 1872-1959
Jeux Olympiques. Stockholm 1912 [Olympic Games], 1911. Colour lithograph with letterpress banner, signed and dated in image upper left, 100.2 x 73.3cm. Repaired tears, old folds. Linen-backed.
Text in French continues "Le 29 Juin - 22 Juillet. A. Bortzells TR.A. B. Stockholm." Letterpress banner reads "Chemin de fer du nord [French Northern Railway]. 3 services rapides journaliers de Paris a Stockholm." This poster was not distributed in some countries as it was seen as too "daring" due to the nudity of the athletes, which was in deference to the ancient Olympic games. Ref: Olympic Movement.

15 When Furnishing Remember We Accept War Gratuity Bonds c1915
Colour lithograph, 101.7 x 77cm. Missing portions to margins, surface loss, repaired tears, old folds, slight discolouration. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Under authority from the Secretary to the Treasurer. Richmond Furnishing Co. Pty Ltd., 116, 118, 120 Swan St, Richmond. Catalogues post free. F.W. Niven & Co., Melbourne."

16 Harry J. Weston Australian 1874-1938
Get A Move On Old Man!, 1915. Colour lithograph, signed in image lower right, 91.5 x 62.3cm. Repaired and replaced missing portions, tears, creases, foxing, soiling, discolouration. Linen-backed.
Text continues "W.A. Gullick, Govt Printer, Sydney." Held in AWM. Harry Weston had a prolific and varied career as a cartoonist, painter, commercial artist, and architect. Ref: NLA.

17 McKenzie's "Excelsior" Baking Powder c1915
Colour lithograph in four sheets, 148 x 198.5cm. Replaced upper left corner, repaired missing portions, old folds. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Wholesome, pure, reliable. Jas. F. McKenzie & Co., Melbourne. Varley Brothers Print, Melbourne." McKenzie's food products business began in Melbourne in 1852 and is still in operation. Rare early Australian billboard poster.

18 "Shooting At The Moon" Is Guesswork...
...There's A Lot Of Difference Between Guessing And Knowing, c1920s. Colour lithograph, 71 x 54.8cm. Repaired slight creases, minor soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Bill Jones. Series 8. Copyright in all countries. Printed in England. Parker-Holladay Co. (England) Ltd. Drayton House, London, WC1, 41." "Bill Jones" was a fictional character created by a British publishing company Parker-Holladay during the 1920s and 1930s for the purpose of selling their motivational posters and cards to companies. The catch phrases of "Bill Jones" were designed to provide inspiration to employees to work harder and encourage a better work ethic. Parker-Holladay's American office also used "Bill Jones" to promote their merchandise. Ref: Norman Rockwell Museum, USA.

19 A Good Reputation Is Like Money In The Bank...
...Make "Deposits" To Your Credit By Keeping Your Word, c1920s. Colour lithograph, 70.8 x 54.5cm. Repaired slight tears, minor soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Bill Jones. Series 8. Copyright in all countries. Printed in England. Parker-Holladay Co. (England) Ltd. Drayton House, London, WC1, 51." See item #18 re "Bill Jones" series.

20 Cleared For Action...
...It's Easier Done When Things Are "Ship-Shape", c1920s. Colour lithograph, 70.9 x 54.5cm. Repaired minor tears to lower edge, old folds. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Bill Jones. Series 8. Copyright in all countries. Printed in England. Parker-Holladay Co. (England) Ltd. Drayton House, London, WC1, 33. See item #18 re "Bill Jones" series.

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