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1 First General Map Of The World, Showing Unknown "Terra Australis" c1588
Wood engraving, 32.3 x 35.9cm. Minor foxing, old folds and creases, chips and repaired tears to edges.
Text loosely translated from German includes "The first general chart showing the sphere of the Earth." The map shows "Terra Australis non dum cognita [not yet known]", which includes parts of the coastlines of Antarctica and Australia. This map was completely redrawn and re-engraved for the 1588 edition of Sebastian Münster 's Cosmographia, and all subsequent editions up to 1628, published in Basle, Switzerland by Sebastian Petri [?]. Münster was not directly connected with this map, which is based on the world maps by A. Ortelius of 1570. Ref: Shirley #163.

2 After Sydney Parkinson Scottish c1745 -1771
Vue De La Riviere D'Endeavour Sur La Côte De La Nou velle Hollande Ou Le Vaisseau Fut Mis À La Bande (A View Of The Endeavour River, On The Coast Of New Holland, Where The Ship Was Laid On Shore), c1774. Engraving, text and caption in plate above and below image, 20.1 x 33.9cm. Old vertical folds as issued, foxing, soiling, ink off set to lower plate mark below image, trimmed upper edge of plate mark.
French text reads "Tome IV, plate 1, Duret sculp." From the French edition of John Hawkesworth's An account of the voyages undertaken by the order of His present Majesty for making discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere, vol. 4, Paris, 1774. Depicts the Endeavour beached for repairs in North Queensland. Ref: NLA. Believed to be the first known landscape engraving of the east coast of Australia.

3 After John Webber British 1752-1793
The Death Of Captain Cook, 1784. Engraving, title and date in plate below image, 48.1 x 60.7cm. Repaired tears to lower portion including plate mark, slight soiling to edges, minor foxing. Framed.
Text includes "Drawn by J. Webber. The figures engraved by E. Bartolozzi RA, engraver to His Majesty. The landscape by W. Byrne. To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain. This plate representing the death of Captain Cook is humbly inscribed by their lordship's most obedient and humble servant John Webber. Published as the Act directs, 1 Jan'y 1784, by J. Webber, No. 312, Oxford St and W. Byrne, No. 79, Tichfield St, Lond."

4 Peter Mazell British fl. 1764-1797
The Kangaroo, 1790. Etching, signed "P. Mazell sculp.", date and title in plate lower right, above and below image, 17.5 x 11.7cm. Minor discolouration, trimmed left plate mark, ragged edge from publication.
Text includes "Literary Magazine and British Review. Drawn from the animal in the possession of Mr Stockdale, Piccadilly. Published as the Act directs, 1st August, 1790, by C. Forster, 41, Poultry." Held in SLNSW, with the comment "This etching is similar, though not identical, to Mazell's etching of a kangaroo published in John Stockdale's The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay."

5 R.P. Nodder British 1774-1820
Australian Sea Shells, c1790s. Three hand-coloured etchings with stipple, each with plate number and artist's name or initials in plate above and below image, accompanied with page of letterpress in Latin, sizes range from 18.6 x 5.7cm to 14.6 x 9.3cm. Missing portion to margin of one image, some minor foxing, all with ragged edges from publication.
late numbers read "702, 912, 924." Text in one image reads "Drawn, engraved and published by R.P. Nodder."
The group $990

6 The Black Swan 1792
Hand-coloured etching, date in plate above and below image, 15.9 x 10.7cm. Minor discolouration, ragged edge from publication.
Text reads "108. London. Published July 1st, 1792, by F.P. Nodder & Co., No. 15 Brewer Street." Accompanying letterpress in English and Latin includes "[The Black Swan] is a native of New Holland [Australia], and the neighbouring islands." This engraving was based on a watercolour by an artist only known as "The Port Jackson Painter." Ref: Wiki.

7 James Gillray British 1756-1815
The Great South Sea Caterpillar, Transform'd Into A Bath Butterfly [Sir Joseph Banks], 1795/c1851. Etching with later hand-colouring, number "410" in plate upper right, initialled, titled and captioned in plate below image, 35.4 x 24.9cm. Minor stains to margins.
Text reads "Pub. July 4th 1795 by H. Humphrey, No. 37, New Bond Street." Caption provides a satirical description of the "butterfly" Sir Joseph Banks, emerging from a chrysalis shortly after receiving the red ribbon of the Order of the Bath in 1795. Two other etchings appear verso, titled "A Slice of Glo'ster Cheese" and "For Improving the Breed." Ref: Library of Congress, USA.

8 After Charles Alexander Lesueur French 1778-1846
Nouvelle Hollande: Nouvelle Galles Du Sud [Sydney Cove], 1802/1807. Hand-coloured engraving, artist and title in plate below image, 14.8 x 21cm (image). Repaired tear to image centre and lower
portion, slight rubbing and soiling to margins. Framed.
Text includes "C.A. Lesueur del. J. Milbert direx. Gravé à l'eau-forte par Pillement et terminé par Née. Vue d'une Partie de la Ville de Sydney capitale des Colonies Anglaises aux Terres Australes, et de l'entrée du Port Jackson dans lequel cette ville est située. De l'Imprimerie de Langlois." Lesueur made 1,500 drawings while on the Peron and de Freycinet Voyage. Illustrated in McCormick, First Views of Australia: 1788-1825, pl. 69.

9 After William Westall British 1781-1850
View Of Wreck-Reef Bank, Taken At Low Water, 1814. Engraving, artist, title and date in plate below image, 15.7 x 22.9cm. Slight stains, tears, repaired missing portion to lower right edge.
Text reads "Engraved by I. Pye. Published by G. & W. Nicol, Pall Mall, Feb'y 12, 1814." One of the engravings from Matthew Flinders' voyage. Flinders and William Westall were passengers on board the HMS Porpoise which was wrecked along with the HMS Cato in 1803 on a reef (now called Wreck Reef) located in the southern part of the Coral Sea Islands approximately 450km east of Gladstone, Queensland. Held in NGA; SLV.

10 After William Westall British 1781-1850
View Of Murray's Islands With The Natives Offering To Barter, 1814. Engraving, artist, title and date in plate below image, 15.7 x 22.4cm. Slight stains, tears, repaired missing portion to lower right edge.
Text reads "Engraved by I. Pye. & W. Finden. Pub'd by G. & W. Nicol, Pall Mall, Feb'y 12, 1814." This is one of the engravings from Matthew Flinders' voyage. Held in NGA. Captain Edwards of the HMS Pandora named 'Murray Island' (originally known as Mer) and its neighbouring islands of Waier and Dauar the 'Murray Islands' in 1791. They are located in the Torres Strait near the Great Barrier Reef.

11 After John Oxley Brit./Aust. 1784-1828
Chart Of Part Of The Interior New South Wales, 1820. Engraving, title, date and captions in plate, 19.5 x 61.5cm. Slight foxing, soiling, repaired tears, missing portions, old folds. Laid down on acid-free tissue.
Text includes "By John Oxley, Surveyor General, 1818. Second Expedition. Reduced sketch of the two expeditions. J. Walker sculp. Published as the Act directs, 15th March 1820 by John Murray, Albermarle St, London." Captions include descriptions of the two routes used for the expeditions, and the terrain, such as "low hills thinly covered with stoney [sic] and brushy ridges; fine open country; Acacia pendula the principal shrub or tree."

12 After Captain James Wallis Irish 1785-1858
View Of Hunter's River, Newcastle, New South Wales, 1820. Hand-coloured engraving, artist, title and date in plate above and below image, 23.4 x 34cm.
Text includes "IX. Engrav'd by W. Preston from a drawing by Capt'n Wallis, 46th Reg't. London. Pub'd Sept'r 1, 1820, at R. Ackermann's, 101 Strand." Held in NGA.

13 Isaac Nathan Brit./Aust. 1790-1864
Why Are You Wand'ring Here, I Pray, c1820s. Sheet music in letterpress, signed by a "Henrietta Ringer" in ink upper left and Nathan's facsimile signature lower right on front page, 32.9 x 24.5cm. Slight tears and old tape to edges, soiling.
Text includes "Sung by Madame Vestris at the Theatre-Royal, Haymarket, in the highly popular operatic comedy of Sweethearts and Wives. Written by James Kenney, esq. Music by I. Nathan. Entertained at St Hall, price 2s. Lond. Published for the proprietor by Goulding, Dalmaine & Co., Soho-Sq. G. Edwards. Musical Repository, No. 31, Upper Arcade, Bristol." This work was composed in England, prior to Isaac Nathan's arrival in Australia. Nathan composed Australia's first opera, Don John of Austria, which premiered in 1847 in Sydney.

14 After J. Alphonse Pellion French fl. c1817-c1820
Nouvelle Hollande; Port Jackson: Passage De Cox, Dans Les Montagnes Bleues [Cox's Pass, Blue Mountains, Australia], c1822. Engraving, title in plate below image, 23.9 x 32.2cm. Slight crinkles,
minor foxing, discolouration, pin holes and creases, repaired tears to margins.
Text reads "Dessiné par Marchais d'après A. Pellion. Gravé par Schroeder. 97." Plate 97 is from Voyage autour du monde: atlas historique by Louis de Freycinet, published in 1822. Held in NLA.
Pellion was a topographical painter, naval draughtsman and midshipman aboard l'Uranie under the command of Louis de Freycinet during the voyages of 1817-1820. Pellion made many sketches in
NSW, including views of Cox's Pass and Cox's River and portraits of the local aborigines. Ref: DAAO.

15 Joseph Lycett Australian c1775-c1828
Parramatta, NSW, 1824. Hand-coloured aquatint and etching, title, artist and date in plate below image, 23.1 x 32.9cm. Minor crinkles, soiling, foxing.
Accompanying letterpress states "the town of Parramatta ranks next to Sydney Town, in size and importance, among the settlements of NSW."

16 Correspondence Regarding Misunderstanding...
...About Claim For Land At Bylong, NSW, 1826. Handwritten copy of original letter in ink, including date "Sydney, 19th Jan'y, 1826" and transcription of signature "J. Oxley, Esqre, Surveyor General", 22.9 x 18.5cm (paper). Minor stains, old folds and creases. Framed.
Contemporary copy of a letter from Surveyor Robert Hodder to Surveyor General Oxley, about land being claimed by R. Fitzgerald, in conflict with apparent prior claims by John Tyndall and William Lee "in company with G. Rankin, Esq're and Lieut. Lowe of the 40th Reg't."

17 Pair of Convict Ships
After Samuel Prout British 1783-1852
Prison Ship At Deptford, 1826. Engraving on chine collé, artist, date and title in plate below image, 19 x 27.9cm.
Text reads "Drawn by Sam'l Prout. Engraved by George Cooke, 1826." Held in British Library. One of the long boats has Prout's name on the stern, another has his initials. Transportation to various colonies, including Australia, became favoured in Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries to ease the overcrowding of jails and the prison ships which had been used as an interim solution. Transportation to NSW continued until 1840, and most of the arriving convicts would have been housed in prison ships, otherwise known as convict hulks, prior to their journey. Ref: Wiki.

(2) E.W. Cooke British 1811-1880
"The Discovery." Convict Ship (Lying At Deptford). The Vessel Which Accompanied Capt. Cook On His
Last Voyage, 1829. Etching, artist, date and title in plate below image, 16.5 x 20.4cm. Trimmed to plate mark, foxing, discolouration, slight crinkles and wear to edges.
Text reads "Drawn and etched by Edw. W. Cooke, 1828. London, published Feb. 1829." From the series Sixty-five Plates of Shipping and Craft. Held in NLA.
The pair $990

18 After Louis Auguste de Sainson French 1801-1887
Vue Des Écuries Du Gouverneur À Sydney. Nouvelle Galles Du Sud (View Of The Governor's Stables, Sydney), c1829/1833. Hand-coloured lithograph, artist and title below image, 26.1 x 32.2cm. Framed.
Text includes "de Sainson pinx. Tastu editeur. Lith. de Langlumé. N. Vander Burch lith. Fig. par V. Adam." From D'Urville, Voyage de la corvette l'Astrolabe, Paris, 1833. Held in NGA; NLA. Image shows the old Government Stables designed by Francis Greenway, now the Conservatorium of Music in Macquarie St, Sydney.

19 Robert Seymour British 1798-1836
"The Looking Glass" [Transportation], 1830. Hand-coloured lithograph with 12 vignettes, artist, date and captions throughout, 35.3 x 24.7cm. Repaired tears to margins, slight stains, foxing.
Text includes "August 1st 1830. Designed and drawn on stone by R. Seymour. None see themselves but by reflection, in this glass you may." One vignette depicts a winged demon in a boat, transporting a corpulent gentleman impaled on a staff and is captioned "For Van Demon's Land direct."

20 Transfer Of Land In George And Church Streets Windsor, NSW 1831
Hand-written manuscript with folded paper cover, dated in text and signed by vendor and two witnesses, annotated "miscellaneous" in another hand in pencil to cover, 37.4 x 24.2cm (manuscript), 24.3 x 19cm (cover). Water stains, foxing, tears to edges of document, paper loss and soiling to cover.

Text on cover includes "Dated 8th September... Mr Thomas Dargin to Mrs Maria Cope. Transfer of three...parcels of land in George Street, Windsor." The document indicates that Maria Cope purchased the land for £30 from Thomas Dargin, a licensed publican, and states the provenance of the land (via a George Freeman, and the widow of George Smith to whom the land was granted by Governor Ralph Darling).

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