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126 Boing Boing, All Steady At The Helm?
[Malcom Fraser], 1981. Colour screenprint poster, date with "Megalo" studio line in lower margin, 75.8 x 50.6cm. Minor foxing to edges. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Vote Direct... Vote Valium." Held in NGA; Powerhouse Museum, lists artists Colin Little and Alison Adler.

127 Mervyn Bishop Australian b.1945
Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser At The Unveiling Of A Mural At The "Sydney Morning Herald" Foyer, Broadway, Sydney NSW, 1981/1990. Silver gelatin photograph, captioned, dated and signed in pencil verso, 28.3 x 40.3cm. Soiling, chips and creases to edges.
Caption continues "On the occasion of the SMH's Sesquicentenary (150 years)." Illustrated on page 93, In Dreams. Mervyn Bishop: Thirty Years of Photography, 1960-1990.

128 Chris Reidy Australian b.1954
Peace. The Only Safe Fallout Shelter, 1982. Process screenprint poster, signed in lower margin, 76.2 x 50.9cm. Repaired tears and creases, slight glue stains. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Mobilise against nuclear power in 1982. Breadline 3833087." Held in AGNSW, SLV. The image in the poster is based on the Margaret Bourke-White (American, 1904-1971) photograph, Snow geese flying over bay. Ref: Getty Images.

129 The Student Loans Swindle...
...And The TEAS Double Cross, Featuring The Lone Ranger [Julia Gillard], 1982. Colour process lithograph poster, artist's name "J. Taylor" and date in image lower left to right, 58 x 42.4cm. Repaired pinholes and old folds. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Authorised by Julia Gillard, Education Vice-President, Australian Union of Students, 1982." The poster protests against Malcolm Fraser's proposed abolition of the Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme (TEAS), established by Gough Whitlam, and later replaced by Austudy and then Youth Allowance. Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was the Education Vice-President of the Australian Union of Students (AUS) in 1982, while studying at the University of Melbourne, and was elected President of AUS later that year. Ref: ALP.

130 Toby Zoates Australian b.1949
"Jail News" Benefit, 1982. Colour screenprint poster, signed in image centre left, 76 x 51.8cm. Soiling to image centre right, minor foxing. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Parklea Peoples Zoo. MX Warheads, Dri Horrors. Plus: Super-8 movie lightshow by Toby Zoates. 8pm Sun., July 18th. Tin Sheds, 162 City Rd, Sydney University. All proceeds to printing costs of Jail News. PO Box 215, Glebe, NSW 2037. Entry by donations." Similar image held in NGA. Melbourne-born Zoates (nee William Tobin), cartoonist and film maker, is known for his anti-authoritarian work, championing the causes of Sydney's dispossessed people. Ref: SLNSW.

131 Bob Hawke. Bringing Australia Together 1983
Colour process lithograph poster, 76.1 x 51.5cm. Repaired tears, major creases, crazing, missing portions. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Australian Labor Party. Printed in Australia by NSW Printing Co. P/L. Authorised by S. Loosley, 377 Sussex St., Sydney. for the ALP." Held in SLNSW. Bob Hawke was the 23rd Prime Minister of Australia.

132 [Malcolm Fraser] c1983
C-type photograph, autographed in ink on image lower right with accompanying autographed slip, 25.1 x 20.2cm. Crease to centre of image.

133 Pam Debenham Australian b.1955
Still Life [Anti-Nuclear Protest], 1984. Colour process screen print poster, signed, dated and annotated "Tin Sheds 692 3252" in image lower right, 90.9 x 63.3cm. Linen-backed.
Held in NGA.

134 Pam Debenham Australian b.1955
Sept. 28th. Anniversary Of John Pat's Death In Police Custody, 1984. Colour screenprint poster, annotated "T.S." [Tin Sheds] and dated in image lower centre, handwritten text to lower portion, 75.7 x 50.5cm. Printing ink smudge to lower portion. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Rally to defend Black Rights. 12 noon - 2pm, Circular Quay West. Proceeds from the sale of this poster to: Committee to Defend Black Rights, PO Box 498, Broadway, NSW, 2007." Held in NGA.

135 Phantom [Stop Uranium Mining] 1984
Colour screenprint poster, "Without Authority, Kyogle" stamp in lower margin, 58.3 x 45cm. Minor crazing to lower portion of image. Linen-backed.
Text continues "I swear on the skull of my anti-uranium badge to devote myself to the overthrow of Frazer [sic] Hawke and to spend my life in the destruction of capitalism and the state." Image created for Jura Books by Tony Chinnery and Joanne Horniman who were part of the organisation Without Authority (fl. 1978-1985). Held in NGA.

136 Pam Debenham Australian b.1955
No Nukes. No Tests, 1984. Screenprint poster, initialled, annotated "Tin Sheds" and dated in image lower left to right, 75.7 x 51.7cm. Linen-backed.
Created at the Tin Sheds Art Workshop, Uni. of Sydney. Held in NGA.

137 Michael Riley Australian 1960-2004
Day After Endless Day You Labour Your Life Away, 1984. Colour screen print poster, signed in image lower centre, signed, annotated "Open Studio" and dated in ink in lower margin, 75.9 x 50.8cm. Linen-backed.
Screenprint offsetting upper right used as part of the design.

138 Lucifoil Posters Australian est. 1983
Hawke On Unemployment. Winners And Losers In The Boom And Bust Economy, 1984. Colour screenprint poster, studio line in image lower centre, 76 x 50.7cm. Minor foxing, small chips and repaired creases to left margin. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Nimrod, Goodlet St, Surrey [sic] Hills. Sunday, 5 April, 11am to 1pm. Lucifoil Posters, 692 3252. AG. Authorised by G. Richardson, 377 Sussex St, Sydney."

139 Sexual Harassment c1985
Colour process screenprint poster, signed "Mantis" in image lower left, 48.6 x 31.5cm. Minor surface loss lower left. Linen-backed.
Text continues "When Mr Jones made my life at the office a torment, I was ready to leave. Thank heavons [sic] Delia knew what to do about sexual harassment. 'What am I going to do, Delia? Mr Jones keeps leaning all over me when I'm typing. I've asked him to stop, but now he says he'll sack me if I don't go out with him!' 'Well dear, sexual harassment in the workplace is a union issue, so firstly we'll call the Federated Clerks Union (528666). And then we'll break his legs.' Authorised by: Bernadette Callaghan, Secretary, Federated Clerks' Union of Australia, Central and Southern Queensland Branch." Held in SLNSW.

140 Survival On The Dole 1985
Colour process screenprint poster, 50 x 37.7cm. Slight discolouration to upper right portion. Linen-backed.
Text includes "A guide for retrenched and unemployed workers. Getting the dole; dealing with the DSS; financial advice; employment and training. $2. Available at newsagents or the Trade Union
Unemployment Centre, Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton Sth, 3053." The 58 page guide was published in March 1985. Ref: ANU Archives.

141 Who Gets The Cream?
Demand A People's Budget, c1985. Colour process lithograph poster, 59.2 x 42.9cm. Repaired paper loss to upper portion, minor foxing. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Contact the Coalition Against Poverty and Unemployment, 17 Drummond Street, Carlton South, 3053. Phone 663 5804."

142 Oppose The Plant Variety Rights Bill c1985
Colour screenprint poster, "Without Authority, Kyogle" stamp in lower margin, 50.3 x 60.8cm. Linen-backed.
Image shows corn stalks with the Shell Gas Station logo. Image created by Tony Chinnery and Joanne Horniman who were part of the organisation Without Authority (fl. 1978-1985). Held in NGA. In 1987 the Australian Federal Parlia ment passed the Plant Variety Rights Act making possible for the first time in Australia the legal ownership of plant types. Prior to its introduction, this legislation caused
controversy on a number of matters, including criminalising the selling or swapping of seeds among farmers, which was a well-established part of farming culture. Ref: Intellectual Property, Australian Govt.

143 Juno Gemes Australian b.1944
Under Another Sky. Uluru Handback Ceremony, Sir Ninian Stephens, Hon. Barry Cohen With Traditional Owners And Their Children, 1985/1986. Vintage silver gelatin photograph, initialled and exhibition date "'88" in ink on image lower right, titled, signed and dated "5 Nov. 1985" and "printed 1986" in pencil verso, 22.9 x 34.5cm.
Caption in image reads "Nyuntu Anangu Maruku Ngurangka Ngaranyi. You are on Aboriginal land." Illustrated in Gemes, Proof: Portraits from the Movement 1978-2003, p39.

144 March May Day 1987
Colour process lithograph poster, signed "Selcuk Askin" in image lower right, 65.4 x 43.7cm. Slight surface loss, creases and soiling. Linen-backed.
Text continues "1987. Down with new right. Fascism shall not pass. Fight for socialism. End capitalism & war. Defend living standards. Support national liberation & democratic rights. Assemble: Trades Hall, Sunday May 3rd 2pm."

145 Martin Kinney Australian b.1961
Beware!! Bondosaurus [Alan Bond], 1988. Colour screenprint poster, signed in image centre right, 101.4 x 69cm. Minor repaired tears. Linen-backed.
Provenance: Tin Sheds, University of Sydney. Held in NGA.

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