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106 Oppose Yankee Domination Of Australia...
...Fight For Independence, c1976-1977. Process lithograph poster, 48.1 x 34.2cm. Slight foxing and creases.
Text continues "Rally 'Esso' pipeline site, Mordialloc Foreshore, Sunday 9th July, 2pm." Captions include Campbell's Soup, Alcoa, General Electric, Kellogg's, and Firestone. Similar image held in National Museum of Australia; University of Melb.

107 Kerry Dundas Australian 1931-2010
[Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser Talking To A Curator Of A Tasmanian Art Gallery], c1976. Vintage silver gelatin photograph, captioned, signed and dated "1970s" in pencil with photographer's stamp verso , 16.1 x 24.5cm.
Caption reads "The central figure is Malcolm Fraser, at time Prime Minister of Australia, talking to a curator of a Tasmanian Art Gallery (?). Left to right, foreground: Michael Kmit, Peter Laverty [AGNSW Director], PM's bodyguard, [and] Franco Belgiorno Nettis [a founder of the Biennale of Sydney]." Stamp includes "11 Caley Cr., Lapstone, NSW 2773."

108 Chips Mackinolty Australian b.1954
Land Rights Dance, 1977. Colour screen print poster, "Earthworks Poster Collective" logo in image lower left, 76 x 50.8cm. Repaired minor tears to edges, slight foxing and surface loss. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Balmain Town Hall, Friday, June 17th, 8pm. Junior & the Goldtops, Wasted Daze. Proceeds to NSW Land Rights Conference." Held in NGA, AGNSW, Powerhouse Museum.

109 Larry Pickering Australian b.1942
[Bob Hawke], c1977. Crayon drawing, 77 x 55.8cm. Minor repaired tear to upper portion. Linen-backed.

110 William And Sonia McMahon With Family c1977
Process screenprint, autographed by William and Sonia McMahon in ink on image, 11.5 x 16.6cm.
Accompanying slip with typed date "21 April 1977" includes "The RT. Hon. William McMahon, CH, MP. 100 William St, Sydney 2011..." William McMahon became the 20th Prime Minister in 1971, replacing John Gorton. He lost the election in 1972 to Gough Whitlam.

111 Remember Nov. 11th '75 [Malcolm Fraser] c1977
Colour screenprint poster, 69 x 42.9cm. Soiling, missing portions and repaired pinholes. Linen-backed.
The date in the poster refers to the dismissal of the Whitlam government in 1975. This poster by Ralph Sawyer (Australian, 1925-2007) is part of a larger group of posters created while he was working as a waterside worker (wharfie) and trade union representative for the Waterside Workers Federation in Sydney from 1973 to 1985. The posters were both designed and printed by Sawyer at a "clandestine" print workshop located in the Waterside Workers Federation building at 60 Sussex St, Sydney. Ref: Powerhouse Museum.

112 Marie McMahon Australian b.1953
A Stitch In Time Saves Nine. Free Safe Vasectomy On Demand, 1978. Colour screenprint poster, "Earthworks Poster Collective" logo and date in image upper left, 80.7 x 58.6cm. Missing portions to right edge and left margin, slight foxing and soiling, repaired pin holes. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Story by: a lot of women. Every kiss, every thrill from real life. 'Why should we women always be responsible for contraception? Wake up to yourself! Contraception is a political issue!'" Held in NGA.

113 Sydney Anarchists/Tin Sheds Art Workshop...
...They Screw Us Both Ways!, 1978. Colour screenprint poster, 58.8 x 44.8cm. Repaired upper right corner, discolouration. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Unemployed. Wage-slave. Get together and march on the true International Workers' Day, Mon., May 1st. Assemble: Hay St., Haymarket at 10:30am and march to Hyde Park [Sydney]." Held in NGA.

114 Scapegoat? 1980
Colour screenprint poster, "Yes No Maybe Press" logo in image lower right, 57 x 44.2cm. Slight foxing, repaired creases. Linen-backed.
Text includes "The royal visitation 1980. A Bruce Memorial production. [Faint lettering includes] …We turned our backs on the rape of East Timor. Frazer [sic] has turned his back on the unemployed, the sick, the aged, students and just about anybody else who doesn't worship money, greed, privilege and/or the American way of life and killing. But then maybe Frazer [sic] just forgot."
During the royal visit in 1980 Queen Elizabeth opened the new building for the High Court of Australia in Canberra.

115 Vote For Kennedy [Ted] 1980
Process lithograph poster, photographer's copyright line "[Fabian] Bachrach" in image lower right, 40.7 x 30.5cm. Slight creases and discolouration to edges, old horizontal fold.
Text includes "And the Kennedy delegates, May 6th. Paid for by Kennedy for President Committee, 425 13th St., NW, Washington, DC." Ref: Wiki.

116 Mary Moore Australian b.1957
A Proper Gander [Malcolm Fraser], 1980. Etching and aquatint, dated in plate lower left, editioned 30/30, annotated "final state, A/P", titled, signed and dated in pencil in lower margin, 30.2 x 24.8cm. Framed.
Captions include "How are you so brown?"; "Oh!I've been to Nookanbah;" and "This is England Aus'ourstralia'." Held in NGA.

117 Think About It c1980s
Colour process lithograph poster, 61.8 x 45.6cm. Minor foxing and surface loss, repaired creases and pinholes. Linen-backed.
Text continues "'Reminds me of my expedition into the wilds of Afghanistan. We lost our corkscrew and were compelled to live on food and water for several days.' W.C. Fields. Jokes about booze are funny. Alcoholics aren't. W.C. Fields, one of the greatest comedians of his time, died on Christmas Day, 1946 of chronic alcoholism. Produced by the Information Service of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, PO Box 529, South Melb., Victoria 3205, Australia. Ph (03) 690 6000." Ref: Powerhouse.

118 Wran, Don't Close McKinnon! c1980s
Colour lithograph poster, 57.6 x 44.7cm. Strikethrough, minor tears to lower edge. Linenbacked.
Text continues "Alcoholism is the no. 3 killer. 43% hospital admissions are alcoholics/addicts. McKinnon is the only alcohol/drug withdrawal unit open 24 hours a day!!" Neville Wran was the Premier of NSW from 1976 to 1986.

119 Oust Utah's Three Stooges Vote Socialist Party Of Australia c1980
Screenprint poster, 68.8 x 43.2cm. Repaired tears and surface loss to upper edge. Linenbacked.
Image depicts Malcolm Fraser, Doug Anthony and John Howard. The mining giant Utah Development Company was involved in a wages dispute with its Queensland employees during 1979, and again in 1980 before a compromise settlement was achieved after 10 weeks of striking. During these strikes the employees felt betrayed by the Fraser government.

120 White House Corporation Presents Ronald Reagan In 'A Man Walks Over Dead Bodies' c1980s
Process lithograph poster, 58.6 x 45cm. Slight stains overall, repaired missing portions, creases. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Now showing!'Peace can only come when the United States re-establishes its military superiority' - Ronald Reagan, US President. 'There are more important things than Peace,' Alexander Haig, US Foreign Minister. Director: Multinationals. Supporting cast: USA: Alexander Haig, Caspar Weinberger; Australia: Malcolm Fraser, Charles Court, Bjelke Petersen. Originally published by German Socialist Young Workers, Bremen, Federal Republic of Germany. Re-printed in Australia by Union of Australian Women, Box 12, Trades Hall, Goulburn St, Sydney 2000. Photo taken from R.R. Films." Held in National Museum of Australia.

121 John Howard Liberal, Bennelong c1980s
Colour process lithograph poster, 71.8 x 45.9cm. Repaired tears, creases, stains, surface loss. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Authorised by A.T. Scotford, 103 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove 2066. Printed by Playbill Australia Pty Ltd., 1017 Pacific Highway, Pymble 2073." The Division of Bennelong was represented from 1974 to 2007 by John Howard, 25th Prime Minister of Australia from 1996 to 2007. Ref: Wiki.

122 Attrib. Colin Russell Australian b.1958
Greetings From Canberra, c1980s. Colour screenprint poster, 86.8 x 61.1cm. Linen-backed.
Similar image held in NGA, listed as produced by Russell and Megalo/Acme Inc.

123 Republican Bush Dance And Concert
Sydney Town Hall 1981
Lithograph poster, signed by Gough Whitlam in ink lower right, 58.5 x 45cm. Foxing, soiling, paper loss. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Wed., November 11th, 1981. 7pm, $4/3 conc. Jackadgery, Bryan Brown, John Dengate, John Derum, John Hargreaves, Alex Hood, Phyl Lobl, Carrl Myriad, Anna Volska. Presented by Citizens for Democracy. Australian Republic 1988."

124 Colin Little Australian 1952-1982
Ho Ho Ho, For Malcolm [Fraser], 1981. Colour screenprint poster, captioned "season's greetings" dated with "Megalo Grafix" studio line in image lower right, 50.5 x 38cm. Slight surface cracking and repaired creases to upper left. Linen-backed.
Held in NGA.

125 The Most Explosive Love Story Ever
"Gone With The Wind" [Ronald Reagan And Margaret Thatcher], 1981. Colour process screenprint poster, 59.4 x 40cm. Minor repaired surface loss and crazing. Linen-backed.
Text includes "The film to end all films. Milton Friedman in association with Pentagon Productions... Screenplay by Kid Joseph, directed by Hank Kissinger, music by Eddy Heath. She promised to follow him to the end of the earth. He promised to organise it! An IMF Picture. Right Rank Inc. Now showing world-wide." This poster was produced by the Socialist Workers Party to address fears of nuclear war between the East and the West. Ref: People's History Museum, UK.

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