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61 John Howard Liberal, Bennelong c1970s
Colour process lithograph poster, 70.2 x 46cm. Repaired tears, slight stains, foxing, surface loss. Linen-backed.
The Division of Bennelong was represented from 1974 to 2007 by John Howard, 25th Prime Minister of Australia from 1996 to 2007. Ref: Wiki.

62 Vietnam Moratorium c1970s
Screenprint poster, 51.2 x 38.6cm. Slight discolouration to top edge, minor surface loss to lower left corner, creases, crinkles, pinholes.
Text continues "Sept. 18, 19, 20."

63 We Want Your Minerals For Our Profits c1970s
Colour lithograph poster, 44.9 x 31.6cm. Slight water damage to lower left corner, minor foxing, creases.
Text continues "A Communist Party of Australia Poster."

64 Never Again! Conscription For Future 'Vietnams'? c1970s
Process lithograph poster, 48.3 x 34.1cm. Old tape and tear to upper right corner, stains, light foxing, creases and tears to dges.
Text continues "The Government was forced to introduce conscription for Vietnam, as few would volunteer for such a war to preserve American domination over the region... Conscription is not for Australia's home defence - even the Government admits there is no threat to Australia itself. Conscripts are trained for counter-insurgency jungle warfare which would be useless if we were attacked. The government is clearly preparing for future wars like Vietnam, in places like New Guinea, Malaysia and the Philippines. We must prevent more Vietnams. End conscription now - don't register. For draft counselling, contact the addresses below. Authorised by the National Mobilisation Against Conscription, PO Box 50, Highett, VIC and PO Box 85, Newtown, NSW."

65 We've Had Enough c1971
Process lithograph poster, 41.8 x 29.1cm. Paper loss, creases, pinholes, slight discolouration.
Text continues "Council ridicules students request for change. Council refuses to work in community's interests. Last year students forced council to concede. Don't let council continue to make fools of us. Action meeting! Concrete lawns, Thursday, May 4th, 1pm. Join the campaign for university reform. Authorised by RAM [Radical Action Movement]."

66 Fight Repression! c1971
Lithograph poster, 48.1 x 34.1cm. Tear to upper portion, pin holes, foxing, old folds.
Text continues "Rally: North Court, today, 1pm. Oppose discipline and exclusions! RAM [Radical Action Movement]."

67 Blockade US Imperialism, U$ Out Of Indo&SHY;China c1971
Lithograph poster, 48.1 x 34.1cm. Old tape stain, soiling, ink transfer, minor chips to edges, old folds.
Text continues "Demonstrate Friday. March leaves Melb. Uni 4pm. Rally City Square 5pm. "

68 Meagher's Muscle Men c1971
Process lithograph poster, 48.2 x 34.2cm. Slight foxing, creases, pinholes, old folds.
Text continues "They can not be trusted, keep them out of Carlton. Hon. E.R. Meagher, MLA Minister of Housing; Mr J.P. Gaskin, Chairman of the Housing Commission; Mr Harry Parsons, Deputy Director for Urban Renewal; Mr Brian Caven, Commissioner for Urban Renewal. Printed by RAM [Radical Action Movement] Press, Carlton."

69 Workout Indo-China c1968
Colour screenprint poster, stamped "approved" with illegible signature in ink on image lower right, 50.1 x 37.6cm. Slight discolouration, foxing, creases, minor tears to edges and pinholes.
Text continues "People and cars needed to distribute leaflets to schools and factories on April 2nd. Leave name at SDS [Students for a Democratic Society] Stand or contact 57 Palmerston St." SDS was established at the University of Melbourne in August 1968, setting up headquarters at Palmerston and Canning Streets, Carlton. The two-storey building, was a "rabbit warren of rooms and corridors suitable for living quarters and political meetings, and a sizeable garage suitable for silk-screen poster production, gestetner and off-set press…In May 1971…SDS changed its name to Radical Action Movement (RAM)." Ref: University of Melbourne (Source Documents of Australian Radicalism).

70 Support The 'Louts And Larrikins'
Demonstrate Against The Political Use Of The Police Force, c1971. Process lithograph poster, 48 x 34.4cm. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Wed. July 14th, 10am. Assemble City Court (cnr Russell & Latrobe Sts [Melbourne]). March to Parliament House. Authorised by the Radical Action Movement [RAM]."

71 Dr. Spock Speaks. Vietnam Moratorium 1971
One letterpress poster and three letterpress pamphlets, sizes range from 25.4 x 17.3cm to 34.2 x 25.3cm. Pinholes, creases, slight discolouration to edges.

Text includes "Dr Benjamin Spock - World famous paediatrician and anti-Vietnam war activist arrived in Australia on June 9. His assignment: to head a national speaking tour to build support
for the 'stop work to stop the war' rallies set down for the June 30 moratorium. 6/71, Authorised by QVMCCC, PO Box 196, Broadway." The collection advertises lecture and demonstration dates for June 24, 27, 30 and July 3, 1971 for Brisbane, Canberra and Toowoomba.
The group $770

72 U.S. And Us Out.
Stop Work To Stop The War, c1971. Colour lithograph poster, 42.4 x 27.2cm. Creases, minor foxing, surface loss.
Text continues "Vietnam moratorium, Sept. 18th, 19th, 20th. March from Treasury Gardens, 2pm Friday 18th. Authorised by F. Lack for the Trade Union Anti-Conscription Committee." Held in NLA.

73 Uni Siege.
Police Wreck Union Looking For Draft Resisters, 1972. Process screen and letterpress poster, 48 x 34.3cm. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Deputy Com. Davies: 'The students resisted with horrible violence.' Senator Greenwood: 'A discreet and restrained attempt to affect arrests'." Held in University of Melb.

74 March On May Day 1972
Letterpress poster, stamped "approved" and signed in ink on image lower portion, 37.7 x 33.2cm. Repaired pinholes. Linen-backed.
Text includes "May Day stands for working-class solidarity for the summing up of its experience and the setting of its political goals. It is time now to prepare for May Day, 1972. Let us develop struggle
now: For a militant and effective May Day. For the broadest possible unity of Australian people against US imperialism and all its lackeys. March on May Day. Assemble at Trades Hall, 2.30pm on
Sunday, May 7th. (Authorised by the Australian Building and Construction Workers' Federation, Victorian Branch…). Diamond Valley Press, 22 Louis St., Greens borough 3088. 4355549. Union Label Printing Trades."

75 Vietnam: Stop Nixon's World Atom War Gamble! c1972
Double-sided lithograph pamphlet, 22.8 x 29.2cm. Tears, creases, slight surface loss, soiling, old folds.
Text includes "Force Nixon out now!Defend the Vietnamese Revolution!CPA [Communist Party of Australian]. Printed & published by Red Pen P/L, 4 Dixon St, Sydney."

76 It's Time. Australian Labor Party c1972
Colour process lithograph poster, autographed by Gough Whitlam in ink on image lower right, 82.5 x 55.7cm. Minor crinkles, creases, indentations. Framed.
Text continues "Authorised by P.B. Westerway, 377 Sussex St, Sydney." "It's Time" was a successful campaign run by the Australian Labor Party under Gough Whitlam in 1972. After 23 years of conservative government by the Liberal-Country Party coalition government, Labor put forward major policy proposals and implemented a strong advertising campaign which included celebrities singing a catchy jingle, "It's Time" on radio and television. This campaign was created by the Sydney advertising agency, Hansen, Rubensohn, McCann, Erickson. Ref: Wiki.
This poster is available in a smaller format (also autographed by Whitlam, linen-backed, not framed) for $2,200.

77 Roger Scott Australian b.1944
Anti-Vietnam War Protest, George St, Sydney, 1972/2001. Selenium-toned silver gelatin photograph, signed in ink in lower margin, titled and dated in ink verso, 23.2 x 35.1cm.
Illustrated in Roger Scott: From the street, 2001, p20.

78 Roger Scott Australian b.1944
Bob Hawke, Anti-Vietnam War Demonstration, Domain, Sydney, 1972/2006. Silver gelatin photograph, signed in ink in lower margin, titled, dated and signed in pencil verso, 23.9 x 35cm.

79 Larry Pickering Australian b.1942
[Gough Whitlam], c1975. Crayon drawing, signed lower left, 76.9 x 55.8cm. Repaired minor tears and surface loss. Linen-backed.

80 Larry Pickering Australian b.1942
[John Gorton], c1972-1980. Crayon drawing, signed lower right, 77 x 55.8cm. Minor repaired tears. Linen-backed.

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