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44 National Mobilisation Against Conscription
July 21st
Line-block with letterpress poster, 48.4 x 33.9cm. Minor repaired missing portion to image upper left. Linen-backed.
Text continues "July 19-20, Monash Uni. Underground Resistance Centre & Work-in. July 21 marches rally 2pm at Melbourne Uni & the shrine. Further information - phone 6633677." Held in NLA.

45 Kerry Dundas Australian 1931-2010
Prime Minister's Lodge, 1967. Three vintage silver gelatin photographs, all titled, signed and dated in pencil verso, 24 x 30.2cm to 24.5 x 20.4cm. Slight creases to corners, crinkles to edges.

Titles include (1) Guest's Bedroom; (2) Sitting Room, Canberra, Holt Era; and (3) Entrance Staircase.
The group $2,200

46 Group Of May 1968 Paris Uprising Protest Posters 1968
Six screenprints, two of which are stamped in French in lower margins, sizes range from 89.2 x 58.8cm to 136.3 x 92cm. Missing portions, repaired tears, minor foxing, soiling, pinholes. Linen-backed.

Translated French text reads (1) Workers, farmers, students. Unity in the grassroots; (2) I am the State; (3) Crush fascist vermin; (4) The army imprisons; (5) Wall newspaper #4. The struggle continues; and (6) [President Charles De Gaulle doing fascist salute]." The following committees are also mentioned: National Committee for the Liberation of Imprisoned Soldiers; and the 25th Action Committee of Anti-fascist Groups. Atelier Populaire, who designed and printed these posters, was a group of Marxist artists and art students who occupied the École des Beaux-Arts during the wave of wildcat strikes in May 1968. Ref: Kugelberg and Vermés, Beauty is in the Street, 2011. A detailed list of the posters is available upon request.
The group $8,800

47 Kennedy [Robert] c1968
Colour process lithograph poster, 96.7 x 62cm. Repaired tears and creases, slight foxing, stains. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Kennedy for President. 2000 L St, Washington DC, Chairman: Joseph Gargan."

48 Kennedy [Robert] c1968
Colour process lithograph poster, 46 x 31.2cm. Tears to margins, old folds.
Text continues "Kennedy for President. 2000 L St, Washington, DC. Chairman: Joseph Gargan."

49 [Prime Minister John Gorton With Wife Bettina] c1968
Vintage silver gelatin photograph, Gorton's signature in ink on slip attached verso, with inscription in ink on accompanying card, 14.8 x 20.6cm. Slight cracking, stains to upper right corner.
Inscription reads "To Denis Bradley, from Jack Gorton." On 10 January 1968, John Gorton became the 19th Prime Minister of Australia. He replaced Harold Holt, who had disappeared the previous month while swimming off the Victorian coast, and was presumed dead. PM John Gorton's term of office ended on 10 March 1971, after a tied Liberal party vote of confidence. Ref: National Archives.

50 Join The Conspiracy [Chicago Eight] 1969
Process lithograph poster, 60.9 x 45.6cm. Minor tears, slight discolouration to edges.
Text continues "Days of Rage. October 8-11, Chicago. Mark Morris Design for the Conspiracy. 28 East Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60604." Held in Oakland Museum of California. "The Chicago Seven (originally Chicago Eight) were seven defendants: Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines, and Lee Weiner, charged with conspiracy, inciting to riot, and other charges related to protests that took place in Chicago, Illinois on the occasion of the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Bobby Seale, the eighth man charged, had his trial severed during the proceedings, lowering the number from eight to seven." Ref: Wiki.

51 No Christmas-As-Usual c1969.
Colour process lithograph poster, 63.5 x 48.2cm. Slight crinkles to edges.
Text continues "New Mobilization Committee to end the war in Vietnam. Washington Action Office: 1029 Vermont Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005. (202) 737-8600. LPIU. 305-L." The photograph used in this poster is by American photographer Lars Speyer (1925-2007). Held in Oakland Museum of California.

52 [Vietnam Demonstration, Melbourne Vic.] 1970
Process screenprint poster, partially obscured artist's name [Mike Wardroo?] in image lower left, 74.6 x 99.3cm. Slight foxing, repaired pinholes, old folds. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Fri., May 8, 1970. 100,000 Vietnam demonstrators sit down in Bourke Street, Melb. Photo by Sunday Observer."

53 Withdraw All Forces Now
End US And Australian Intervention In Indo&SHY;China, c1970. Colour lithograph poster, 56.9 x 44.3cm. Slight surface loss, old glue stain to right side of image. Linen-backed.
Text includes "Moratorium June 30. Authorised by K.J. McLeod, Convenor, NSW Vietnam Moratorium campaign, 2nd floor, 587 George St, Sydney, 2000. Printed by Comment Publishing Co.,
22 Steam Mill St, Sydney." Held in SLNSW.

54 Tony Auth American 1942-2014
Relax, The War's Almost Over, c1970. Screenprint poster, signed in image centre left, 45.5 x 61.5cm. Linen-backed.
Text continues "Bombing escalates as troop withdrawal continues. - News item." Held in Oakland Museum of California. A Pulitzer Prize winner, William Anthony Auth (1942-2014) was an American editorial cartoonist and children's book illustrator. He was best known for his work for The Philadelphia Inquirer from 1971 to 2012. Ref: Wiki.

55 America Saves The World c1970
Screenprint poster, 58.1 x 66.2cm. Large repaired tear to upper centre of image, slight soiling. Linen-backed.
Five-panel comic depicts the progress of America, culminating in the atomic bomb. Held in Penn State University Special Collections Library.

56 Support Vietnam Independence Struggle c1971
Lithograph poster, 48.2 x 34.2cm. Tears to edges, slight creases, old stains.
Text continues "Moratorium April 21st. Rally: Concrete lawns, 3.00pm. March to Treasury Gardens, 3.30pm. RAM [Radical Action Movement]."

57 Moratorium
No More Vietnams, Stop Conscription Now, c1970 Lithograph poster, 48.1 x 34.2cm. Foxing, discolouration, stains, creases and pinholes.
Text continues "Dec 3rd, 2pm. Treasury Gdns [Melb]."

58 Support Moratorium
Strike And March Against The War, c1970. Process lithograph poster, 48.1 x 34.3cm. Slight foxing, pinholes and tear to lower left margin.
Text continues "June 30. Assemble 1.30, Treasury Gardens [Melbourne]."

59 Stop Work To Stop The War c1970
Colour lithograph poster, 55.8 x 43.4cm. Ink stain to upper right corner, minor surface loss, pinholes, tears, old folds.
Text continues "Moratorium, June 30th. Authorised by K.J. McLeod, Convenor, NSW Vietnam Moratorium Campaign, 2nd floor, 587 George St, Sydney, 2000. Printed by Comment Publishing Co., 22 Steam Mill Street, Sydney 2000."

60 Moratorium. Suburban Demos c1970
Screenprint poster, 45.5 x 43.3cm. Creases, tears and missing portions, old tape remnants to corners.
Text continues "April 30. Ph. 345734."

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