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1 Freeman Bros Australian
William 1809-1895, James 1814-1870

The First Ministry Under Responsible Government [NSW], 1856-c1890s. Two albumen paper photographs, one image titled, dated "1856" and captioned with names and positions in ink on photograph and backing above and below image, 13.2 x 18.9cm; 25.2 x 35cm. Missing portions, creases, foxing, soiling; one image laid down on original backing.

Text reads "May 23, 1856. T. Holt, Treasurer; W.M. Manning, Attorney General; S.A. Donaldson, Premier; J.B. Darvall, Solicitor General; and G.O. Nicholls [sic], Auditor General." Held in National Portrait Gallery. One image was reprinted in a larger format by the Government Printer in the 1890s, without captions.
The pair $3,300

2 Livingston Hopkins American/Australian 1846-1927
[Sir Henry Parkes And Treasury Bills], c1890s. Pen and ink on card, signed lower right and captioned in and below image, 47.2 x 39.2cm. Soiling, foxing, slight surface loss.
Captions read "New South Wales Debentures; I.O.U." and "Those Treasury Bills. Parkes utilises his private experience in public finance. W. [Wilkins] Micawber. Parkes: 'Thank God, that little bill's settled.'"

3 Falk Studios Australian active 1885-1900
[Sir Henry Parkes], c1892. Vintage silver gelatin photograph, Henry Parkes' signature with "sincerely" in ink on slip mounted below image, accompanied with original backing with "Falk Studios" blind stamp, 39.1 x 32.2cm. Missing portions, silvering and repaired surface loss to edges. Laid down on acid-free paper.
During its time, Falk Studios, run by H.W. Barnett, was considered to be one of the most respected photographic studios in Sydney. Sir Henry Parkes was Premier of NSW five times and became known as the "Father of Federation."

4 Australasian Federal Referendum [Victoria] 1899
Colour lithograph certificate, inscribed to a "George Paine" (faded), printer's line lower left, 35.2 x 49.7cm. Glue remnants, surface loss, re paired missing portions to edges of image and margins. Laid down on acid-free paper.
Printer's line reads "Robert S. Brain, Government Printer, Melb." Text includes "This is to certify that the question of an Australasian Federal Constitution was submitted to the Electors of Victoria on the 27th day of July 1899 and that out of a poll of 163,780 votes, 152,653 were cast in favour of such Australasian Federal Constitution..." The certificate features captioned portraits of the Premiers of the six colonies. Between 1898 and 1900 the people of Australia voted on the Constitution in referendums held in each colony. Only in South Australia Indigenous people, both men and women, were able to vote.

5 T. Henley. Selected Liberal And Reform Candidate For Burwood c1904
Process screen and letterpress, postcard format, 14.2 x 8.7cm. Foxing, slight soiling and minor creases to edges.
Text includes "The political fighter that opposes tyranny from every class. Vote for T. Henley & progressive legislation; and your right to have freehold titles - in the land you occupy. Vote and work for T. Henley, and [a] 'clean honest government.' Ross Brothers Ltd., Print., Sydney." Sir Thomas Henley (1860-1935) was elected to the Legislative Assembly from 1904 until 1935, when he fell from a Manly ferry and drowned. Ref: ADB; Wiki.

6 The Hon. L.E. Groom, Liberal Candidate For The Darling Downs c1909
Process screen and letterpress, postcard format, 14.4 x 9.3cm. Slight creases, foxing, discolouration.
Text includes "Minister of State for External Affairs. B.P. Joseph, authorised agent...Robertson & Provan Ltd. Printers, Toowoomba." Sir Littleton Ernest Groom (1867-1936) was an Australian federal
minister, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Australia's 17th longest serving federal parliamentarian. He was a member of every non-ALP ministry from 1905 to 1926, and in 1909 became the Minister for External Affairs with the fourth Deakin Ministry (19091910). Ref: Wiki.

7 Vote For Wilks c1910
Process screen and letterpress, postcard format, 13.5 x 8.6cm. Minor soiling.

Text continues "Dalley Electorate. Polling day: April 13. Empire, Commonwealth." William Wilks was a member of the Free Trade Party, and was active in politics until 1910, when he was defeated by Labor. The Division of Dalley was an electoral division in New South Wales created in 1900. It was located in the inner suburbs of Sydney, including Balmain, Glebe and Leichhardt. It was abolished in 1969. Ref: Wiki.

8 Sir George H. Reid.
First High Commissioner Of The Commonwealth In London and [Prime Minister George Reid], 1910-c1920s. Pair of postcards, one process screen with letterpress, and one vintage silver gelatin photograph, 14.1 x 8.3cm; 8.7 x 13.8cm. Pinholes, creases, foxing.

Text for the process screen postcard includes "The Crown Studios, Viceregal photographers, Sydney. While in town get photographed in 'Emblo'. The Crown Studios, 448 George Street, (next Roberts' Hotel)." Reproduced handwriting below image includes "[to] Mark Blow Esq. [of Crown Studios] from G.H. Reid, 21.1.10. Never had a better photograph taken."
The pair $660

9 Votes For Women
[Catholic Women's Suffrage Society] 1915

Colour linocut poster, 52.5 x 35.8cm. Repaired tears, creases, missing portions, old folds. Linen-backed.
Women's suffrage (right to vote) societies adopted their own combinations of colours for banners, badges etc. as a means of representing their society at meetings and processions. The colours of blue, white and gold are the combination chosen by the Catholic Women's Suffrage Society, which was founded in England in 1911.

10 After Claude Marquet Australian 1870-1920
The Blood Vote [Anti-Conscription Campaign], 1916. Letterpress and line block, handbill, artist's name in lower portion, 32 x 25.4cm (paper). Missing portions, old folds.
Text includes "'They gave me the ballot paper, the grim death warrant of doom, and I smugly sentenced the man to death, in that dreadful little room. I put it inside the Box of Blood nor thought of the man I'd slain, till at midnight came like a 'whelming flood, God's word - and the Brand of Cain.' Written by W.R. Winspear and drawn by Claude Marquet, St Andrew's Place, Sydney. Authorised by P.C. Evans and J.M. Power, Macdonell House, Sydney." Ref: SLV, Museum Victoria. Very rare original printing of this important handbill.

11 Prime Minister Billy Hughes 1919
Vintage silver gelatin photograph, annotated and dated "by [sculptor] Professor Derwent Wood, R.A., London, 1919" in an unknown hand in ink on backing below image, framing annotation in pencil verso, 27.6 x 22.5cm. Developing flaws, retouching, laid down on original backing.
Annotation includes "Dame [Mary] Hughes. Black oak swing frame. Leave white to show written text at base only." The photograph was most likely taken by Frederic Hilaire D'Arcis (Brit.,1845-1935). Ref: Royal Academy of Arts. Sir William Morris (Billy) Hughes (1862-1952) was the seventh Prime Minister of Australia, from 1915 to 1923.

12 Lang's Note c1931-1932
Lineblock, 8.6 x 12.4cm. Minor crinkles and foxing to upper margin.
Text continues "Lies, lies, lies. I promise to pay repudiate. Face value - nothing. Payable on demand. James J. Lee, printer, 545 George Street, Sydney." The "Lang Plan" proposed the repudiation of
interest payments to overseas creditors until domestic conditions improved. This satirical note, was most likely produced close to Jack Lang's dismissal as premier in 1932. Ref: Wiki.

13 Sam Hood Australian 1872-1953
[Minister For Health And Repatriation (Lyons Government) Billy Hughes And The Duke Of Gloucester Inaugurating Prince Henry Hospital], 1934. Group of four vintage silver gelatin photographs mounted together, one with publisher's copyright stamp, the rest with photographer's stamp verso, 19.7 x 14.8cm to 15.1 x 19.9cm. Minor handling crinkles.

Copyright stamp includes "The Sun Feature Bureau, 60-66 Elizabeth Street, Sydney." Photographer's stamp includes "S.J. Hood, Press Photographer, 124 Pitt Street, Sydney, Tel. B.1845." In 1934 the Coast Hospital was renamed The Prince Henry Hospital of Sydney on the occasion of the Duke of Gloucester's visit to Australia. Dignitaries included ex-Prime Minister Billy Hughes and the NSW Minister for Health, Mr R.W.D. Weaver.

14 Letter From Prime Minister Joseph Lyons To Sir Edward McCarthy 1938
Handwritten in ink on government stationary with two newspaper clippings mounted verso, 25.3 x 20.2cm. Creases, discolouration to edges, slight foxing and old folds. Framed.
Letterhead reads "Prime Minister, Canberra." Letter reads "19.1.38. Dear Mr McCarthy, I willingly agree to your using my name in connection with your carnival in Hoseton if you think it will help, and I am sending you two copies of my photo as requested. It is good to know that Mr Wootton is assisting your movement so admirably and it pleases me to know that he values a photo of myself. He has made a very enviable name for himself. I hope I shall be able to meet his sisters in the near future. With kindest regards from my wife and myself. Yours sincerely, J.A. Lyons." Newspaper clippings show images of Joseph Lyons departing for Amsterdam, and his wife and daughter leaving to join him circa 1937.

15 Six (6) Hour Day Procession
[Elizabeth St., Sydney] 1939
Vintage silver gelatin photograph, titled and dated "2.10.39" in pencil verso with "Peter Andersen" photographer's stamp, 15 x 19.9cm. Old handling creases.
Banner in image reads "Sheet Metal Workers' Union. Organise and fight for 40 hours. Demand abolition of wages tax. Unite against fascism!"

16 Frank Campbell Australian d.1966
Broken Hill Levy, c1940. Pen and ink with white gouache, 23 x 29.3cm. Soiling, foxing, slight surface loss, old glue stains.
Captions include "Moroney. Miner's family." Provenance: Campbell estate. Timothy Moroney was an office bearer of the Australian Railway Union. Frank Campbell was an illustrator for The Worker, a newspaper affiliated with the ALP, which was published in Brisbane between 1890 and 1974. Ref: Wiki.

17 Words Fail Him [Prime Minister Billy Hughes] 1940
Pen and ink with gouache, signed [Will Mahony (Australian, 1905-1989)] in gouache and titled in pencil with publishing annotations on image and margins, publishing stamp with date verso, 34.2 x 41.6cm. Missing portions and slight soiling to margins.
Caption in image reads "During his war cabinet visit to Brisbane, Mr Hughes will be quartered in the Lord Mayor's palatial reception room to keep him calm." Stamp reads "Used Daily Telegraph 2 Aug. 1940."

18 Frank Campbell Australian d.1966
Grooming The Favourite [Eden, Casey, Churchill], 1944. Pen and ink with white gouache, signed in ink lower right, publishing annotation "2 col. [The] Worker" and titled in pencil in lower margin, annotated and dated "3/4/44" in ink verso, 33.2 x 25cm. Foxing, creases, tears and pinholes to edges.
Captions in image read "Where do I come in?" and "Vested interests." Annotation reads "drawn by Frank Campbell, 26 Walker St, North Shore." Provenance: Campbell estate. Image shows Anthony Eden (Winston Churchill's Foreign Secretary), Richard Casey (Churchill appointed Minister Resident in the Middle East), and Churchill holding a trident. The Worker, a newspaper affiliated with the ALP, was published in Brisbane between 1890 and 1974. Ref: Wiki.

19 Frank Campbell Australian d.1966
[Labor Principles. No Coalition], c1944. Pen and ink with white gouache, signed in ink lower right, publishing annotation "3. col." in pencil lower centre, 22.9 x 30cm. Creases, cracking, old pinholes,
slight foxing, soiling.
Provenance: Campbell estate. Francis (Frank) Herbert Campbell was the husband of artist Margaret Campbell.

20 [Prime Minister Ben Chifley At The VP Day Ceremonies
Australian War Memorial, Canberra], 1945. Pair of vintage silver gelatin photographs , each with "Royal Australian Air Force" copyright stamp with captions and date in ink verso, 15 x 20cm (approx. each). Creases, scuffing, one with cracking to upper left corner.

Stamp and captions include "Crown copyright reserved. Unit: SOP. Date: 16.8.45. Subject: VE/VP Day Ceremonies." On 15th August 1945, Ben Chifley announced that the Japanese Government had accepted terms of surrender, and that World War II for Australia was over. The 15th of August became celebrated as VP Day (Victory over the Pacific. Also known as VJ or VE day). Images show Mr Chifley and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester at the Australian War Memorial for the service. Ref: AWM.
The pair $1,100

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